How hard drive prices have changed from 2009 – 2017

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Backblaze has released its latest hard drive report, outlining the cost per gigabyte of storage since 2009.

Backblaze is a backup solutions provider which records the failure rates, prices, and reliability of its consumer hard drives over time.

The company’s latest report on hard drive costs found that while storage demands are increasing, the reduction in storage prices is slowing down.

From 2009 to 2011, the price per GB of hard disk storage decreased by 42% – but has only decreased by 26% in the past two years.

Different capacities

Backblaze also analysed the cost-per-GB of each hard drive size they purchased since 2013, noting that the prices of certain capacities were significantly higher.

It found that hard drive capacities larger than 4TB had a higher price per gigabyte than 4TB drives, making it cheaper to purchase two 4TB drives instead of a single 8TB drive.

According to the data, a capacity of 4TB is the sweet spot for price-per-GB value.

Backblaze cost per drive size

Slowing down

Backblaze also measured the average cost-per-GB for all drive sizes over a period of eight years.

The cost-per-GB of hard disk storage has been decreasing since 2009, despite a spike in price following the 2011 Thailand floods.

The flooding affected major hard drive manufacturing facilities and caused a prolonged stock shortage.

The market recovered by 2013, and per-GB prices continued to decrease – although at a much slower rate.

Backblaze anticipates that the declining price of storage will become less relevant in driving the cost of providing storage, due to the slowdown in storage value reduction.

Backblaze cost per GB hard drives

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How hard drive prices have changed from 2009 – 2017

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