Intel’s new processors are ridiculously powerful

Intel Core i9 Processor lid

Intel has launched its 14, 16, and 18-core processors.

The Intel Core i9-7940X, i9-7960X, and i9-7980XE CPUs are now available and begin shipping to ecosystem customers from today.

The company said the entire Intel Core X-series processor family delivers “rich, immersive experiences that require significant compute power”, but the Extreme Edition brings “a new level of power to content creators, enabling extreme mega-tasking”.

“This final piece of the puzzle rounds out the availability of the Intel Core X-series processor family, providing content creators and enthusiasts with the much-anticipated Extreme Edition, the most extreme desktop processor ever introduced,” said Intel.

An article by PC Gamer stated that following its launch, a Core i9-7980XE has been overclocked to 6.1GHz and drew 1,000 watts of power.

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Intel’s new processors are ridiculously powerful

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