My wireless peripheral experience

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I’m not a fan of wireless peripherals. I tinkered around with some early wireless mice and headphones back in the mid-2000s, but ultimately I stuck to wired version for a host of reasons. They were more reliable, less prone to interference, and I didn’t have to worry about batteries dying in the middle of a game.

They were also cheaper which was a bonus, after all I wasn’t about to pay more for a feature that could potentially cause headaches.

Fast forward to 2012, and I’m starting to see the appeal of wireless devices.

Wireless without compromise

I say wireless devices, but let me be more specific – a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse. I’ve had a brief get together with various high quality wireless headphones, and they’ve always left me feeling underwhelmed in terms of sound for the price. Not one to compromise quality for convenience, I invested in a high-end set of wired headphones.

Anyway back to the wireless input devices. By all accounts wireless technology of 2012 doesn’t suffer any of the drawbacks of technologies gone by. Battery life is great, and many mice now come with a charging cord that you can plug in on the fly so that you don’t miss out on game time. Interference is nearly non-existent even with multiple devices in the same room, and as far as response time goes you can’t really feel the difference between a high-end wireless mouse and a wired gaming mouse.

Keyboards are also great according to all accounts, though these often need batteries swapped out which can be particularly annoying at an inconvenient time. Beyond this though, they’re reliable and responsive enough for me to look past the battery life issue.

Sennheiser wireless headphones

Sennheiser wireless headphones

Why do I want wireless?

I’m not one to go out and replace my current gaming peripherals with wireless ones just because it would be cool to have, I actually have a legitimate reason. My desk looks like a war zone.

All around my keyboard and mouse pad I have a vast array of crap which I need to have within arms reach, just in case. There’s a tub of jelly beans, a spark plug, a few bullet casings I was taking pictures of, a waterblock, keys, CDs, flash drives, SIM cards, loose change, and that’s just the first square inch.

Having all of this crap on my desk means cables get caught on things, and the only thing as annoying as lag in a game, is having your mouse caught and stopping you from knifing a noob in the face. Then watching helplessly as he dances around shooting at the floor and sky before turning his hand cannon towards you and pumping digital lead into your face. But I digress.

Ground zero

Actual image of my desk at home

My options

Right so from the above we’ve concluded that I want a wireless mouse so I can avoid the junk on my desk and game better, so let’s take a look at my options.

High-end gaming mice: If I’m going to buy a wireless mouse, I’m going to buy one that’s comfortable and feature rich. I found the Cyborg R.A.T. 9 comfortable, and the Logitech G700 wasn’t bad either. The Razer Mamba I could get used to, and if I think out of the box a little, the Logitech MX Revolution is actually a really great mouse.

The only problem is all of these mice are over R1,000. And I will honestly eat my current Logitech MX518 before I pay R1,000 for a bit of nicely shaped plastic with some things inside it.

The other option worth considering is a mouse bungee similar to the Razer device pictured below. R200 is a lot easier to stomach than R1,000, and this way I don’t need to upgrade my current MX518, everybody wins.

Razer mouse bungee

The point

The point of me discussing all of this with you is, wireless peripherals, especially mice, are overpriced. They’re that way because there are gamers out there willing to hand over their life savings for a little bit of convenience.

Also, normally I’m totally against dumb little gaming gadgets that are pure marketing (gaming gloves and ambient lighting as two examples), but when faced with the choice of tidying my desk or handing over two buffalo, I’m thinking the latter will be easier.

As you were.

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My wireless peripheral experience

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