5 insane power supplies

Super high-end computer systems not only need a whole range of connectors to keep everything plugged in, the demand for power under load is pretty high too. Quad-SLI/CrossFireX; elaborate water cooling systems with multiple pumps, radiators and fans; and overclocked 6- or 8-core processors are all reasons why you may need a power supply with a bit of grunt and more, just in case.

With this in mind here are a range of power supplys which provide over 1 kilowatt of power for your gaming/over-clocking needs:

Antec High Current Pro 1,200w

Antec’s monster power supply, known for its rock solid stability and conservative power rating, the High Current Pro has been pushed by overclockers to supply as much as 1,700w to a heavily overclocked system without breaking a sweat.

The PSU features an 80 plus gold certification rating, 16 AWG gauge high-current cabling, 8 separate 12v power rails, and a 5 year warranty. A single 80mm variable speed fan is also present to keep the PSU cool.

Cables supplied by the PSU include a 24-pin, 8 x 8 (6 + 2) pin graphics card power cables, 12 SATA cables, and 9 molex cables.

Antec High Current Pro 1200w

Antec High Current Pro 1200w

Corsair AX1200 1,200w

Corsair power supplies have a good reputation among gamers and overclockers alike, with many of the older generation PSUs still in service today.

Features include an 80 plus gold certification, a single 12v rail, Japanese capacitors for a longer lifespan, and a completely modular cabling system that allows users to disconnect the 24 pin cable unlike most other power supplies. A 5 year warranty adds peace of mind to the deal.

The AX1200 has low profile flat cabling for easier cable management and improved case airflow. A 24-pin cable, 6 x 8 pin graphics card power cables, 16 SATA cables and 12 molex cables are supplied as standard.

Corsair AX1200

Corsair AX1200

Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 1,500w

1,200w might not be enough for your system, in which case there are a variety of 1,500w options which come with their own set of bragging rights, including the Cooler Master Silent Pro M2.

Two 12v rails supply power to the major components, with modular cable management as standard on the M2. The PSU also features a special internal copper and aluminium heatsink for better heat distribution and improved cooling.

The power cables are flat, similar to the AX1200 above, and include a 24-pin, 6 x 8 pin graphics card power connectors (3 x 8 pin and 3 x 6 + 2 pin), and 12 SATA connectors.

Cooler Master Silent Pro M2

Cooler Master Silent Pro M2

Thermaltake Toughpower 1,500w

Thermaltake also offer a 1,500w option which measures in at a monstrous 220 x 150 x 86 mm ( L x W x H ).

The PSU has an 80 plus silver certification, and is certified as ready to support both ATI CrossFireX and Nvidia SLI. It features two 12v rails and a 135mm dual ball bearing fan capable of 99.6CFM of airflow.

In terms of cables, the Toughpower features one 24-pin power cable, 8 x 6 + 2 pin graphics card power cables, 12 SATA cables and 8 molex cables.

Thermaltake Toughpower

Thermaltake Toughpower

Silverstone Strider 1,500w

Silverstone rounds off our 1,500w power supply options with their Strider 1,500w PSU, a large unit with a peak rated power of up to 1,600w.

8 x 12v rails distribute power to components, while an 80 plus silver certification ensures the power supply works efficiently. A single 135mm fan keeps the power supply cool while operating in a noise level range of between 19 and 34 dBA.

Cable options include a detachable 24-pin, 4 x 8 pin (6 + 2) graphics card power connectors, 12 SATA connectors, 12 molex connectors, and 4 floppy drive connectors for those rocking it old school.

Silverstone Strider

Silverstone Strider

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5 insane power supplies

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