Asus 32-inch ultra high definition 4K monitor unveiled

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Asus is poised to launch a 32-inch ultra-high-definition 4K (UHD 4K) monitor at Computex 2013, which kicks of on 4 June. The Asus PQ321 is the company’s first 4K monitor and as a bonus it will fit on your desk too!

2013 is the year of new standards in high-definition media, split into two resolution camps: UHD 4K (3840 × 2160) and Digital Cinema Initiatives 4K (4096 × 2160). This calls for calls for new display technologies to build screens capable of showing four times more detail than 1080p.


ASUS PQ321 – This picture obviously does no justice to the 8,294,400 pixel count.

In addition to the 32-inch PQ321, ASUS is also planning to announce and launch a larger 39-inch monitor as well, which would be directly competing with whichever 4K monitors Sony will be displaying, as well as the Seiki SE50OUY04, which is the only other 4K monitor currently available to consumers.

 ASUS 32-inch PQ321
 Display size  31.5 inches (80.1cm) with 16:9 aspect ratio
 Display type  IGZO (IPS) LED backlit
 Resolution  3840 x 2160 (4K)
 Pixel pitch  140 PPI (pixels per inch)
 Display colours  1.07 billion (10-bit RGB)
 Viewing angles  176 degrees (H) / 176 degrees (V)
 Brightness (maximum)  350cm/m²
 Response time  8ms (grey to grey)
 Colour temperature selection  Yes
 Gamma Adjustment  Yes
 Inputs/Outputs  DisplayPort, 2x HDMI (optional), RS-232C, 3.5mm audio-in, 3.5mm audio-out
 Built-in speakers  2W Stereo
 Mechanical design  Tilt, swivel, height adjustment and VESA wall -mountable
 Accessories  AC adapter, power cable, DisplayPort 1.2 cable, RS-232C conversion cable, warranty card
 Size  750 x 489 x 256mm with stand

Net weight


ASUS hasn’t mentioned how much it’ll retail for, or when, but judging by the 10-bit colour support I’d guess this will be above the R15,000 mark.

The 4K standard is absolutely amazing and almost as immersive as the best example of an Eyefinity display. As more manufacturers support it, you can expect PC hardware to scale up similarly – a few years from now, we’ll be laughing and wondering at how on earth we thought the Radeon HD7970 or GTX680 would be enough horsepower for gaming on paltry 1080p resolutions.

Source: Hexus

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Asus 32-inch ultra high definition 4K monitor unveiled

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