Radeon HD7990 SA price cut confirmed

Radeon HD7990

AMD made waves in the US and Europe with massive price drops of their premium dual-GPU card, the Radeon HD7990. The price drops started with Newegg dropping the average price of all HD7990 cards below $800, $199 off the card’s initial retail price when it was launched three months ago.

An AMD spokesperson has confirmed to MyGaming that price cuts are coming to South Africa for the Radeon HD7990, but the final price points have not been confirmed.

AMD did say that they were working with distributors and retailers to make the price drops happen.

Wootware Rebeltech Ikonix Titan-Ice Sybaritic
ASUS GTX690 4GB 11,764 12,899 13,096 13,349 12,257
ASUS GTX Titan 6GB 14,104 14,016 14,364 15,349 14,938
9856 9787 9944 10,149 10,341
Club3D HD7990 Malta 6GB 13,874 14,949
EVGA GTX690 4GB 14,415 15,701
EVGA GTX Titan 6GB 14525 14677.74 15,826
9333 9900
Gigabyte GTX690 4GB 12,747 12,308 13,314.46 13,449 13,406
Gigabyte GTX Titan 6GB 13,629 13,480 13,948.19 16,049 14,333
Gigabyte GTX780 3GB
9803 9377 10,044 10,249 10,214
Inno3D GTX780 3GB
8578 8458 8809
MSI GTX690 4GB 12,306
9123 8995 9561.81 9649
PowerColor HD7990 6GB 8999
PowerColor HD7990 Malta 6GB 10,995
Sapphire HD7990 Malta 6GB 13,071 13,286 13,382 13,649 13,916

While the Americans are enjoying the price drop, South Africans are still sitting with abnormally high prices for the Radeon HD7990. Average pricing is around R12,900, but depending on the retailer this could go up or down.

However, most HD7990 examples sold locally are under the price of the Geforce GTX Titan which averages just over R14,500, making it competitive against Nvidia’s strongest single-GPU graphics card. Against the GTX690 the HD7990 is still a little more expensive.

The cheaper Geforce GTX780 currently retails for around R8,500, which would be an ideal target for AMD’s flagship card.

Dropping the price, even by R2,000, would make it a stellar buy, because with the frame rating drivers the HD7990 is appreciably faster than both its competitors.

One retailer already has similar pricing, with Wootware dropping the price of the unofficial HD7990 that PowerColor made prior to the reference design being launched earlier this year.

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Radeon HD7990 SA price cut confirmed

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