Nvidia to provide extensive documentation for Linux drivers

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Nvidia has announced that their Linux development team will be assisting the open source community with documentation for better drivers to allow games on Linux to run better. The company released documentation for the development community behind the open-source Nouvea drivers.

Nvidia believes that releasing the documentation will help accelerate development of the Nouvea drivers and others which are included inside Linux installations to improve out-of-the-box functionality. This comes in the wake of Valve announcing SteamOS, an officially supported Linux distribution customised and catered for by Valve.

“NVIDIA is releasing public documentation on certain aspects of our GPUs, with the intent to address areas that impact the out-of-the-box usability of NVIDIA GPUs with Nouveau. We intend to provide more documentation over time, and guidance in additional areas as we are able. [We] suspect much of the information in the documentation is not news for the Nouveau community, but hopefully it will be helpful to confirm your understanding or flesh out the implementation of a few unhandled cases,” the company said in an official statement.

Documentation for Nvidia’s hardware will help the open-source community support new GPUs as they are released and available, as well as allow for porting of features and functionality found in the windows drivers into an open-source implementation.

This mainly concerns Nvidia’s discrete hardware, however. Features like Optimus switching technology doesn’t yet work, preventing large-scale adoption for Linux on laptops. More hardware vendors need to make driver documentation available so that their products can be supported without hassle.

Driver support and hardware optimisation will be one of the key things preventing the adoption of SteamOS among gamers and its one of the aspects that Valve will need to keep an eye on if their new endeavor is going to succeed.

Source: PC Perspective

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Nvidia to provide extensive documentation for Linux drivers

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