Bitfenix Colossus M chassis detailed

Bitfenix Colossus M header hardware

Bitfenix has announced two new chassis in their lineup, both under the Colossus M brand. The chassis will service the mATX and Mini-ITX markets respectively.

Bitfenix says that the Colossus M family will be available in the US, Canada and some European countries in December 2013. Other territories will be detailed at a later date. No price point for the Colossus M variants has been revealed.

The Colussus M is modeled on the Prodigy, and internally the two lines appear similar. The Prodigy M and the Colossus Micro-ATX share a rotated motherboard design while the Colossus Mini-ITX shares a similar internal layout to the original Prodigy.

The exterior has been redesigned, with the rest of the chassis now covered in a matte black paint and an LED strip that snakes its way around the front and sides. The LED can light up in three colours – red, blue and green with pulsing and glowing effects, giving buyers an option of colour-coding their internal components to suit the exterior.

Bitfenix puts the USB 3.0 and 3.5mm audio ports on the left-side panel on the Colossus Micro-AYX version, while the Mini-ITX variant has them located on the right-side panel. This makes sense for removing intrusions while building into the respective chassis, but Bitfenix could also have moved them to the top of the chassis instead, which would have saved them having to manufacture two different door panels.

Internally for the Colossus Micro-ATX it’s possible to fit in two 3.5-inch hard drives to the bottom chassis, and another two 3.5-inch or three 2.5-inch drives into a removable cage. Up to two graphics cards can be installed into the chassis and there’s enough room for two slim 240mm all-in-one radiators; one at the bottom if you’re not already using that space for extra hard drives, and a top-mounted one if you’re not using a second graphics card.

The Colossus Micro-ATX comes with a magnetic heat shield for the underside of the chassis, helping direct airflow in any direction you choose.

The Colossus Mini-ITX is just as flexible as the Prodigy, accommodating extra-long graphics cards when the removable hard drive cage is pulled out, as well as supporting a top-mounted 240 mm radiator  that is protected by a mesh grille.

Large air coolers are supported and up to five 3.5-inch or seven 2.5-inch drives can be mounted internally. There’s a included 140mm intake fan in the front of the chassis by default, although this can be removed and replaced by another 240mm radiator, which requires removing the bottom drive cage.

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Bitfenix Colossus M chassis detailed

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