The world’s leetest PSU – 2000W Super Flower

Are you tired of your Cooler Master Silent Pro 1500W PSU not being able to provide enough power to your gaming rig?

Well, Super Flower has the answer – the world’s first 2000W consumer PSU. Called the Leadex Platinum, the unit was made in collaboration with PC overclocker Ian “8Pack” Parry.

The PSU is 80Plus Platinum certified, fully modular, comes with 20 cables, and is cooled with a dual-ball bearing 140mm fan.

Most of you are probably scoffing at the unnecessarily high output, which is roughly 4-times more than the average gaming PC requires -and you should be.

As pointed out by Anadtech, Ian’s dual Intel X5690 system with four AMD 7970 GPUs only uses 1550W. Powerful graphics cards like the Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Z and  AMD Radeon R9 295X2 draw 375W and 500W respectively.

The argument for such a powerful unit is that the higher the capacity, the more effecient the unit is and the better it performs when “low” levels of power are being drawn.

How much will you pay for the Leadex Platinum? Having just launched, the PSU going for £349.99 (±R6,100) in the UK.

Super Flower PSU

Super Flower PSU

And here’s the obligatory promotional video.

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The world’s leetest PSU – 2000W Super Flower

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