Would you look at that, an 8K R1.8 million TV

If you thought 4K televisions were impressive, wait until you get a load of Sharp’s Super Hi-Vision 8K television, the Sharp LV-85001, which is actually more a display than a television.

At an absurd 85 inches, this 7, 680 x 4, 320 pixel LCD requires all four of its HDMI ports to be in use for it to have the necessary bandwidth to receive 8K content – where’ll you’ll receive 8K footage is anyone’s guess.

8K Sharp LV-85001 Television

8K Sharp LV-85001 Television

While labelled a television and, technically, a TV tuner is present, there are no broadcasts currently capable of transmitting content anywhere near 8K – the tuner is likely there for the sake of futureproofing a rather expensive piece of kit, and for the moment only useful for professionals looking to test 8K transmissions.

In fact, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray movies still aren’t even a thing just yet. Sure, they’re right around the corner, but 8K is far from a realistic option.

It’s for that reason that many a professional are predicting that practical 8K displays will arrive in 2018, and that’s a really conservative estimate – others have reported 2020.

There’s another reason this really isn’t a practical piece of kit, it’s going to cost 16, 000, 000 yen, roughly $133, 034 or R1.79 million.

Of course, if you can afford Sharp’s LV-85001 there are one or two things we can recommend to you to test out your shiny, new TV.

Project CARS can be bumped up to 12K resolution, so 8K should be right in the ballpark for the world’s sexiest car simulator. You’re going to need a stupidly expensive rig to do so, but then again, you did just buy a television for R1.79 million.

Alternatively, a movie buy the name of Ghost Towns over on YouTube is actually an 8K short film.

We’re assuming you have a 100Mbps fibre connection at the very least, but that’s hardly going to dissuade you if you have more money than sense.

Source: Engadget

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Would you look at that, an 8K R1.8 million TV

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