Japan Display announces world’s first 17-inch 8K display

Japan Display 17-inch 8K display

Japan Display has announced the development of the world’s first 17.3-inch 8K high-resolution (7,680 x 4,320), fast-response (120Hz) LCD module.

The LCD module – based on low-temperature poly-silicon technology with 8K pixels (RGB stripe arrangement) – realises high-definition images, and the 120Hz frame rate enables smooth playback of moving images.

By providing a wide viewing angle, high contrast, and little colour shift, the advantages of IPS technology enable reproduction of lifelike 8K images with a sense of depth in image quality, said the company.

This next-generation 8K technology suits products for video image production, medical monitors, and gaming.

This article originally appeared on MyBroadband and is republished with permission.

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Japan Display announces world’s first 17-inch 8K display

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