Your baby is slowing down your Wi-Fi

Your baby is slowing down your Wi-Fi, reports Ofcom

We always knew babies had an agenda, and now we know what it is.

According to a recent report by the communications regulator for UK, Ofcom, interference from electronic devices such as microwaves, baby monitors and Christmas lights can cause the quality of your Wi-Fi to wane, significantly so in some cases.

The report suggests that nearly six million homes in the UK could be affected and suffering from less than optimal connections as a result – and we have no problem imagining that this is a more global issue, and certainly affecting South Africa.

What that effectively means is that the things that most bring us joy, like babies and Christmas, are actively hampering our internet connectivity – jealous much.

Short of cancelling Christmas and throwing away your baby – PLEASE DON’T DO THAT! – it’s going to take careful thought when figuring out where to put electronics in the house, keeping them away from the likes of your router if at all possible.

Ofcom has developed a Wi-Fi checker app that does exactly that, but it’s not currently available outside of the UK. Moreover, users aren’t at all happy with the results it’s producing at the moment.

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Your baby is slowing down your Wi-Fi

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