The largest SSD yet: Samsung’s 15TB SSD

Samsung SSD

According to Toshiba, SSDs are expected to reach sizes of up 128TB by 2018. But before we get even close to 128TB, we’re going to have to break the 10TB barrier at the very least.

Intel looks like they’re about to do just that with an upcoming range of 10TB SSDs, but apparently Samsung has beaten them to it, and then some.

Samsung has smashed expectations by launching a new SSD at a capacity of 15TB, following their reveal of a portable 2TB SSD.

Sadly, this 15TB SSD is designed for enterprise systems. Known as the the PM1633a, this SSD is technically a 15.36TB drive and was showcased at the 2015 Flash Memory Summit in August.

The drive’s technology is based on the Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) interface and is 2.5-inches in size.

According to Samsung, this is how they achieved this new storage capacity with SSD technology:

The unprecedented 15.36TB of data storage on a single SSD is enabled by combining 512 of Samsung’s 256Gb V-NAND memory chips. The 256Gb dies are stacked in 16 layers to form a single 512GB package, with a total of 32 NAND flash packages in the 15.36TB drive. Utilizing Samsung’s 3rd generation, 256-gigabit (Gb) V-NAND technology which stacks cell-arrays in 48 layers, the PM1633a line-up provides significant performance and reliability upgrades from its predecessor, the PM1633, which used Samsung’s 2nd generation, 32-layer, 128Gb V-NAND memory.

With SSDs now reaching insane capacities, thanks to 3D NAND fash memory (or V-NAND in Samsung’s case), it’s not so far fetched to expect SSD storage capacities to reach upwards of 128TB in the future.

This leaves us wondering if the cost will eventually come down, and moreover, does this spell doom and gloom for traditional mechanical drives?

Source: Samsung Newsroom

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The largest SSD yet: Samsung’s 15TB SSD

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