Get a mechanical keyboard with customisable switches

mechanical keyboard

Having the right mechanical keyboard at your disposal is part and parcel of being a PC gamer nowadays.

Recent popular trends in the mechanical keyboard space have included the likes of RGB lighting. However, keyboard technology really hasn’t changed that much over the years.

EpicGear, on the other hand, has produced a modular keyboard that gives you the option to mix and match different types of mechanical switches.

With the EpicGear Defiant board, you can pick from three different types of mechanical switches.

These switches include the EG Grey that is a linear switch similar to Cherry MX Reds, the EG Purple switch that is a tactile switch with clicky feedback much like Cherry MX Blues.

Finally, the last switch you can select for the keyboard is the EG Orange, a tactile non-clicky switch very much in-line with the experience you get with Cherry MX Browns.

Would you ever consider buying a modular mechanical keyboard like this?

We certainly like the customisability aspect of the keyboard, but we’d want to give it a go first before we decide.

Source: KitGuru

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Get a mechanical keyboard with customisable switches

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