9 Amazing PC gaming battle stations

All PC gamers dream of having a dedicated battle station with the very latest in gaming hardware. Hardcore PC gamers have re-purposed desks and sometimes entire rooms in the pursuit of the ultimate gaming experience.

If you’re looking for the ultimate gaming environment, check out the PC gaming battle stations below.

The Command Centre

With 4 wide-screen monitors and four Geforce GTX 980Ti graphics cards, Imgur user piloth’s Command Centre is an impressive battle station.

Quad screen 2 Quad screen setup Pc gaming battlestations

The PC Cave

Reddit user DJwipspeed’s PC gaming cave features two PCs on a custom shelf and two triple-monitor battle stations.

Dual PC Desk Gaming room

Project Alternate PC Desk

Project Alternate is a custom gaming PC built to fit within an gaming desk by Imgur user Deblow.

PC gaming desk

DayZ Battle Station

This practical gaming battle station was built by a Reddit user who clearly has a healthy interest in zombie survival games.

Dark battle station

The Tech Man-Cave

Imgur user vannatter created this insane gaming setup, which is capable of handling any task you throw at it.

5 screens

MAXxPlanck v2 wall-mounted PC

Imgur user yobibyte takes DIY rigs to the next level with this custom-built, wall-mounted, triple-monitor beast of a battle station.

Wall-mounted PC wall-mounted PC 2

LED Battle Station

This gaming setup by a Reddit user shows off a coordinated colour scheme and four portrait monitors.

LED Battle station

Upgraded gaming desk

This Imgur user’s  gaming setup has another PC built within a glass desk, and features a striking purple and green colour scheme.

Pc gaming desk 2

Razer battle station

This toxic green, Razer-focused gaming setup is the perfect battle station for the brand-obsessed gamer.

Razer battle station

Do you have a gaming setup of  your own you’re particularly proud of? Why not show it off in the comments below?

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9 Amazing PC gaming battle stations

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