Amazing custom-built gaming PCs that will blow your mind

Laine's Luna 1

One of the many joys of PC gaming is the ability to customise your gaming computer to your heart’s content.

For most of us, this means upgrading graphics cards, managing our cables, and setting up liquid cooling if we’re feeling adventurous.

Below are some hardware enthusiasts that push the concept of PC modification to its limits with crazy and amazing gaming rigs:

Laine’s Luna

The world’s smallest liquid-cooled gaming PC, the Luna is the mad creation of Swedish PC modder Simon Laine.

The device features a Gigabyte BRIX Pro with an Intel Core i7-4770R.

Boasting Iris Pro 5200 integrated graphics, the Luna packs a ton of power in a tiny, absolutely beautiful package.

Laine's Luna 1

Laine's Luna 2

Laine's Luna 3

Laine's Luna 4

Thor Hammer

The monstrous Mjilnor gaming Pc below was created by a PC modder for Computex 2015, and is attached to the box below it.

Featuring strong lighting and creative cooling, the Thor hammer case provides powerful processing power in a crazy case design.

Thor hammer 1

Thor Hammer 2

Thor hammer 3

Thor hammer 4

Modular Mineral Oil Rig

This mineral oil PC build  features an insane amount of features and accessibility.

This is actually a proven method of PC cooling, as the oil is non-conductive and does not damage any of the PC parts.

Its complex and fitted case allows for hot-swappable hard drives despite the build’s immersion in mineral oil.

Mineral Oil Rig 1

Mineral Oil Rig 2

Mineral Oil Rig 3

Mineral Oil Rig 4

Mineral Oil Rig 5

Batgirl PC

This heavily-modified Batgirl case features an intricate liquid-cooling setup with a striking purple and yellow colour scheme.

BatGirl 1

BatGirl 2

Batgirl 3

BatGirl 4

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Build

This large, themed case reflects the colour scheme and logo of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, from the white, shaped fittings to the blood red cooling liquid.

Mirror's Edge Case 1

Mirror's Edge Case 2

Mirror's Edge Case 3

Tristellar SW

This is actually a modified DeepCool Tristellar case that has been repainted and customised.

Built by South African case modder Colin Alston in partnership with Rebeltech, the case features custom fittings and LED lighting, with the graphics card also sporting a custom paint-job.

Tristellar 1

Tristellar 3


Steampunk Wall-Mounted PC

Wall-mounted PCs require creative us of cooling systems and PCIe extender cables, but can provide an awesome layout for your gaming PC.

This Steampunk wall-mounted PC features a ton of custom fittings along with a full liquid cooling loop. The unique lighting and uncovered components convey the Steampunk hardware theme of the build perfectly.

Steampunk PC 1

Steampunk PC 2

Steampunk PC 3

Have you built your own badass, modified gaming rig? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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Amazing custom-built gaming PCs that will blow your mind

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