First Nintendo Switch accessories revealed


Snakebyte has announced the first accessories for the upcoming Nintendo Switch handheld console, Nintendo Insider reports.

The company said the accessories are “designed to enhance the portable nature of the Switch console” and will launch in Autumn 2017.

Snakebyte has announced a foldable headset with 40nm drivers and a Nintendo Switch Starter Kit.

“We expect our range of Switch accessories to be high quality and thoughtfully designed, ideal for a day one purchase alongside new console sales,” said Snakebyte USA CEO Nick Repenning.

Foldable Headset

The Snakebyte foldable headset features 40nm drivers and folds up when travelling, making it an ideal accessory for the portable Nintendo Switch console.

Snakebyte headset

Nintendo Switch Starter Kit

The Snakebyte Nintendo Switch starter kit includes a Carry Bag, Cleaning Cloth, Screen Protector, Control Caps, Stereo Earbuds, and Game Cases.

The kit contains all the necessary accessories for maintaining the Nintendo Switch and keeping it secure while you travel.

Snakebyte Starter Kit

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First Nintendo Switch accessories revealed

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