Nintendo Direct airing today

The Nintendo Direct event was announced yesterday and is set to air today at 4pm on YouTube.

The announcement was made via a Tweet from Nintendo and noted that the stream would cover the Nintendo Switch games coming in the second half of the year.

However, the roughly 40 minute stream will not include any mention of the upcoming Switch successor console.

The Switch 2, as it has been dubbed by fans, was confirmed to be in development several months ago and fans have been eagerly awaiting more information on the console.

Though the stream today won’t include any mention of the console, fans are still expecting a few other exciting announcements and new details.

This includes more on the upcoming Hollow Knight: Silksong, a highly anticipated sequel to the beloved Hollow Knight, Metroid Prime 4, and possible Zelda game remakes – such as classics like Wind Waker and Twilight Princess.

You can tune into the livestream on YouTube here for when the Nintendo Direct event kicks off at 4pm.

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Nintendo Direct airing today

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