Valve sued for allegations of overcharging UK Steam players

Valve is being sued for $841.09 million by the Competition Appeal Tribunal in London for allegedly overcharging 14 million UK gamers.

This is based on the accusation that Valve is shutting out competition in the PC gaming market and forcing game publishers to sign-up to so-called price parity obligations.

The Tribunal says that these obligations are preventing games form being sold at cheaper prices on rival platforms.

“Valve is rigging the market and taking advantage of UK gamers,” said digital rights campaigner Vicki Shotbolt, who is bringing the case.

Due to this, Valve is able to charge a considerable commission of up to 30% on games and therefore forcing UK players to pay too much for PC titles and add-on content.

This claim is backed by legal firm Milberg London LLP.

“Competition law is there to protect consumers and ensure that markets work properly,” said Natasha Pearman, a partner at the law firm.

“When they don’t work properly and consumers are harmed, collective actions of this kind provide consumers with a voice and a way of holding big companies, like Valve, to account.”

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Valve sued for allegations of overcharging UK Steam players

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