This crazy mod lets you play Pokemon GO in GTA V

GTA V Pokeball

If you’ve been too busy playing Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V to experience the Pokemon GO craze, you don’t need to worry about missing out anymore.

An enterprising modder has created a mod for GTA V which lets players use Poke Balls to capture non-playing characters.

The mod, titled “Poke Ball”, grants the user six Poke Balls, which they can then throw at pedestrians or other characters to capture and tame them.

Players will have to weaken their victims first however, as throwing a Poke Ball at an undamaged enemy will cause them to break free.

You can head over here to download and install the Poke Ball mod for GTA V.

Check out the Poke Ball mod in action below:

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This crazy mod lets you play Pokemon GO in GTA V

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