Overwatch’s Competitive Play is being completely re-worked for Season 2

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Many Overwatch players have expressed their dissatisfaction with Overwatch’s current ranking system for Competitive Play, specifically the game’s ranking system and sudden death system.

Following its trend of interacting with the play base, the Overwatch development team has acknowledged the issues with the current ranking system and will completely overhaul Competitive Play for Season Two.

Director Jeff Kaplan has addressed a vast array of issues in the latest Overwatch Developer Update video, including skill ratings, rewards, and sudden death.

Overwatch’s new competitive ranking system will consist of different tiers, such as Silver and Gold, and these tiers will reflect the competitive bracket in which players are rated.

The Skill Rating system will remain, although it will now be on a scale from 1 – 5,000 and will determine which tier players are placed in.

Players will be able to advance to higher tiers by increasing their Skill Rating and will receive rewards based on the highest tier they achieved in the entire season.

Sudden death is also being completely removed, and will be replaced by multiple changes to Competitive matchmaking.

Check out the video below for a full break-down of the upcoming changes:

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Overwatch’s Competitive Play is being completely re-worked for Season 2

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