The massive list of missing features in No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky landed

No Man’s Sky had a controversial launch to say the least.

The game was heavily anticipated by PC and PlayStation 4 gamers alike, with space-sim and survival fans eager to experience more of the supposedly ground-breaking procedurally-generated universe.

However, the game which players received at launch is undeniably different to the version showcased leading up to release, and this has caused furious debate among the game’s passionate fan base.

While some have vigorously defended the title, many gamers have said they feel cheated by the developers. The biggest issue over which all of this conflict has arisen is the game’s multiplayer – or lack thereof.

There is no evidence that No Man’s Sky has any online features beyond the sharing of discoveries such as planets, despite Sean Murray stating during development that players will be able to see and interact with each other.

Amidst all this controversy and arguing, a Reddit user has managed to compile a list of features that were shown in the game’s marketing material but did not appear in the actual game.

The list was reviewed by thousands of people, who all provided evidence in order to verify the missing features.

The original list is very long and has become very specific, so we have collected the biggest confirmed missing features in the game, along with evidence of the features appearing in the game’s marketing material.

Check out the list of features missing from No Man’s Sky below:

Miscellaneous Space Gameplay and Elements

NPC Interaction

Planets and Stars

Ships and Flight

Trade and Crafting

  • Environmental factors affect resources – “Planets that are further from the sun have certain types of resources, planets that are closer have certain types of resources, or planets that have certain environments.”
  • Complex crafting – “When we release the game, we’re not telling people ‘here are all the formulas,’ we’re just letting players loose, and a little bit like minecraft people can figure out those rules themselves…”

Planetary Surface


General gameplay

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The massive list of missing features in No Man’s Sky

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