6 things we do in video games but will never admit

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With video games reaching such a broad audience, there are often moments when we do something against the grain, and if people knew about it they would judge us severely.

I am talking about camping in a corner with a shotgun, or hiding offline to play Farming Simulator.

Here are things I do that I find hard to admit, even if they sound ridiculous.

The Hardscope

Those of you who play FPS games will be able to relate to this, and will either judge me or silently agree with me.

You are now standing in a sniper lane with a bunch of other players. The game might have tons of weapons to use, but you and a few other people have decided to stand there with a sniper in your hands.

All you do the entire match is stand in one spot and wait for someone to peek their head around the corner. As they do, all you see is snipers go off, and head explode. Some of you might have skill and actually get a headshot, while others with no skill, just sit and shoot at a chest.

The hardscope is the definition of bad gamership, as it shows you have no skill, rather that you can shoot well with a high aim-assist gun. Get something that needs skill out and use that instead.



Although this might be often confused with hardscoping, camping is a little different. A hardscoper sits in one lane with his sniper out, while a camper finds a spot on the map to sit, where he can easily pick off players on by one.

Be it with a shotgun or a sniper, he will just sit there behind a door, and wait, or he will be right at the back of the map laying down, with his sniper out.

Camping is probably the most annoying thing anyone could do in a game, as it ruins the game for people who actually use their movement buttons. Just don’t do it.


Using a scrub loadout

When we see these players in matchmaking, we know exactly what weapons, skills, or fighter they will be using.

Chances are, this player uses the most ridiculous loadout ever seen, with all the weapons that will just ruin your day.

Chances are he has a pistol and will kill you in one shot to the head, or he has a shotgun and whenever you see him you will just die.

I am not saying I never use a loadout of guns and weapons that will just cause people to rage, I just hate to admit that I do.

Universal Remote

Spending money on in-game purchases

It was quite surprising how many gamers actually hate it when people admit to this.

Overwatch launched a while back, and when certain groups of people found out that my Zenyatta skin was not earned through hard work and determination, they were not happy.

The goes for games like Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Destiny.

When a player uses a specific gun or wears a specific skin, it is cool if you earned it, but spending money on in-game purchases to quickly obtain it is something that is best left a secret.

From now on, I do not disclose how many emotes I purchased through the vendor, I just say I earned them.


Losing to a squeaker

Maybe its the fact that they are kids, or maybe its the fact that whenever a squeaker wins, they make sure the entire world knows about it in all their adolescent glory.

You do not need to give a child gamer the go-ahead to rub it in your face that you just got owned by him, he will turn up his mic and make sure everyone knows – oh and your mom will be mentioned a few times too.

There is no real reason to admit you lost to someone half your age, so feel free to throw in every excuse in the book as to why you did. I blame it on lag.


Appearing offline to play something different

We all have those friends that will always push you into playing that same old game with them.

Sometimes we just want to play something else, and be left alone. Thank goodness for the “appear offline” mode on gaming platforms, as it has saved our gaming sessions countless times before.

Maybe your friends just hate whatever you are playing at the time, maybe you are a Call of Duty guy rather than a Battlefield guy?

Whatever the reason, never feel ashamed to admit being offline just to get some game time in another title.

Appear offline

What other things do you do while gaming that you find hard to admit? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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6 things we do in video games but will never admit

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