Alcatel reveals VR headset

Alcatel has launched a new all-in-one virtual reality device, called Vision, which the company said will be available at an affordable price.

“It can be worn comfortably for 2-3 hours, with or without glasses, allowing plenty of time for a child to take a VR tour of a museum or for watching a movie,” said Alcatel.

The Alcatel Vision sports an eight-core CPU, 3GB of memory, 32GB of storage, Bluetooth, and LTE connectivity.

The VR device also has an accelerometer, gyro, and proximity sensor built in.

Alcatel partnered with Jaunt VR, Magic Interactive Entertainment, and Fraunhofer for the device, which will come with pre-loaded content.

While Alcatel did not reveal the recommended retail price, Engadget reported it is expected to cost between $500-$600.

This article was originally published on MyBroadband.

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Alcatel reveals VR headset

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