Ark: Survival Evolved fans are furious about its Scorched Earth expansion

MyGaming recently reported on the release Scorched Earth, a “completely finished” expansion for the Early Access dino-tamer ARK: Survival Evolved.

The expansion is priced at R219 (R30 more than the base game) and is reportedly in a much more playable state than its predecessor.

Naturally, long-time fans of the game have voiced their distaste, with Ark’s recent Steam reviews swinging from “Mostly Positive” to “Mostly Negative”.

Check out some of the reviews below:

“Paid DLC for early access game is just stupid.” – Zivan34

“Started off as shining example of how to do early access. Ended up a complete disaster after the developer went off on adventures of making SOTF, console versions and paid expansion while still in early access! No wonder the game is so behind schedule.” – Fastidious

“With the many wrong choices in the last months and today’s DLC being the final drop, i will drop support for this game.” – HoneyMonst3r

“Wow way to release paid DLC before getting the game out of Early Access. Seriously what is going through your heads? How’s DirectX 12 and the TrueSky fix coming that have been sitting on your to do list since the game came out on Early Access?” – Synthetic

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Ark: Survival Evolved fans are furious about its Scorched Earth expansion

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