Battlefield 1 gets a massive price increase on Origin SA

The price of Battlefield 1 on Origin South Africa has just seen a massive increase, with the Standard Edition of the game now priced at R999.95 as opposed to its previous price tag of R599.95.

This price increase has been applied across all editions of Battlefield 1, with prices now ranging from R1,000 to R1,900.

This follows a recent persistent disparity between retail and digital video game prices in South Africa, with Battlefield 1 being much cheaper on Origin South Africa than from any local retailer.

It seems that this difference is no longer an issue for Battlefield 1, as gamers will now be paying R1,000 for the base version of the game on Origin and may find the game to be cheaper from local retailers.

MyGaming has reached out to EA for comment on these price changes.

Below are the new prices for Battlefield 1 on Origin South Africa:

  • Standard Edition – R999.95
  • Early Enlister Deluxe Edition – R1,009.95
  • Ultimate Edition – R1,899.90
  • Premium Pass – R799.95

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Battlefield 1 gets a massive price increase on Origin SA

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