Battlefield 1 gets a massive price increase on Origin SA

The price of Battlefield 1 on Origin South Africa has just seen a massive increase, with the Standard Edition of the game now priced at R999.95 as opposed to its previous price tag of R599.95.

This price increase has been applied across all editions of Battlefield 1, with prices now ranging from R1,000 to R1,900.

This follows a recent persistent disparity between retail and digital video game prices in South Africa, with Battlefield 1 being much cheaper on Origin South Africa than from any local retailer.

It seems that this difference is no longer an issue for Battlefield 1, as gamers will now be paying R1,000 for the base version of the game on Origin and may find the game to be cheaper from local retailers.

MyGaming has reached out to EA for comment on these price changes.

Below are the new prices for Battlefield 1 on Origin South Africa:

  • Standard Edition – R999.95
  • Early Enlister Deluxe Edition – R1,009.95
  • Ultimate Edition – R1,899.90
  • Premium Pass – R799.95

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  • ShadowR

    Kyk ek sal mos vir EA aanrant !!

  • Faux Grey

    Pre-ordered ages ago.


    (Not happy about how the player base is now going to be tiny.)

  • Pseudo

    And with the current currency conversion from USD to ZAR we are paying more than a R100 more than our US counterparts.

  • Phil

    See you all 6 months later when there’s a 50% sale, I guess :-/ Considering how much play time you get for the money, it’s still a fair price, but I’ve got the Illuminati to hunt for now.

  • Bradley

    Yeah I wont be bothering

  • dffiaNt

    Battlefield 1 is life!

  • Vorastra

    What’s this about a small player base?

  • Vorastra

    Are they insane? They can F right off with that.

  • Real Ist

    Haha fk that

  • Broscientist

    Greedy bastards

  • Lizzard

    Well, now any chances of me buying it has fallen through the floor.

  • HolyCow

    Thanks Retailers for shafting the end user once again.

  • BeoTeK

    Cancelled pre-order!

  • Ian

    Well this just went from a definite buy to a definite no buy

  • SmokeGhost

    Nope nope nope

  • Vorastra

    I guess BF4 just got a much longer life.

  • Havok

    Welcome to the price console gamers have to pay. For the first time ever, PS4 prices are cheaper than pc @ R829.00, however add in the PS+ requirement then it’s a lot more. Also, just looking at the Origin store now, looks like all their games went up, from FIFA 17 to Titanfall 2 etc.

  • The price for Battlefield 1 Standard Edition (Pre-order) is R799 on Xbox One.

  • Flamevector

    Animeworx still selling theres for R960.00 confirmed with them still will be price.

  • OnionTwister

    Well, that was dumb… Pre-order was cheaper than this and they have to honor their agreement with you at that price.

  • Flamevector

    no they don’t actually which is the issue, general issue when you working with dollars happens all the time in my line of work 🙁

  • OnionTwister

    I thought the pre-order price was a bit steep. If they think I am going to fork out another R800 for premium they must be dreaming. I don’t really think they give a damn though. They upped the prices significantly and they won’t even feel it in their pockets with a smaller player base in SA

  • OnionTwister

    My pre-order still states R849.95. It was agreed on in Rand terms, they can’t change it because of the exchange rate.

  • Matthew McGregor

    I’m guessing this is most likely also going to change.

  • dropdead BMTH

    downloaded the beta; when I eventually got it to work it looked almost exactly the same as previous game.. WW1 guns + horses + planes. Horse came at me where I emptied an entire clip on horse with assault rifle but I still got killed by it gg wp. uninstall. Origin is also one of the worst game launching applications I have ever used in my life.

  • Johan Fourie

    To pay that kind of money for a game. Not a [email protected] will I pay so mutch.

  • psion

    I was on the fence about getting this, EA just pushed me back to the other side. Cool no probs, I save some cash.

  • Already got my pre-order in. So you know, screw them 😛

  • Floorer

    Would most probably have pre-ordered the standard edition this coming Friday but I’ll rather buy a case of beer now instead. The standard edition is still available on g2a for ±R670.

  • Sean

    Anything over 400 is too much for a game

  • John

    can still get it for R690 on G2A

  • SmokeGhost

    ofc not they just cancel the transaction when it’s suppose to go off I believe that will be 5 days prior to release and ask you to create the transaction again has happened to people in the past. But I think EA will be honoring the pre-orders in this case but they certainly don’t have to

  • Jarred Cornwell


  • Nicholas

    Very dissapointing news

  • Uberutang

    LOL I paid R630 for it and R393 for premium on XBOX (helps to order early!) So on xbox i get premium and base game for almost same price as on PC for just the base?

  • Xenite227 .

    About $70 US if anyone is curious. 😛

  • Viper_ZA

    EA are just a bunch of money grabbing fucktards. Essentially, they have no shame whatsoever. Activision/Treyarch is certainly rubbing off on them.

  • Neji


  • Jev_LFC

    Sorry not going to pay that.

  • Jev_LFC

    Nope. lol They ask you to redo your order 5 days before and youll be charged 1k like everyone else.

  • Jev_LFC

    That wont help.

  • Matthew McGregor

    You have got to be kidding me??? Right now I feel like I should be supporting Activision rather than EA.

  • Joe13

    Just ruined the whole experience.

  • Jeandré De Beer

    So even if you pre-ordered you have to pay in the difference come a week before launch?

  • Gman

    Done raging? 😛

  • Gman

    I’m going to take a wild guess and say this is largely to align Battlefield 1 with the price tag of the new Call Of Duty? They’re both at identical prices then. Games are increasing at ~R300 a year now?

  • Matt Johnston

    “This follows a recent persistent disparity between retail and digital video game prices in South Africa, with Battlefield 1 being much cheaper on Origin South Africa than from any local retailer.”

    2 days ago the game was R599 from CNA and Takealot… :-/ So not sure how this conclusion was drawn

  • Thomas

    wel battlefield kan nou ‘n vet put druk… Nie ‘n kans dat ek R1000 vir ‘n game betaal nie. Ek verstaan prys verhogings. Maar ‘n R400 verhoging ruk darem die dam onder die eend uit!

  • Gman

    Is that site legit? Never used it before.


    Ja nee fok dit maak mos sin….maak pryse hoog vir ‘n arm land. hoe de fok het hulle daai pryse uitgewerk. fokken 100% increase in prys..en disvir digital copies wat nie regtig enige invoer kostes kry nie. Wat de donder dink EA deesdae, eers fok hulle die beta op verskillende maniere op en nou fok hulle met die prys rond

  • mradovan

    Cdkeys got it for $44…
    Beta feels more like than Hardline than BF4, though. Wonder if it’ll meet the same fate…

  • Madkilla

    Yep bought a ton of games there like overwatch etc etc you can also opt to buy g2a shield when you purchase the game.Its like a guarantee for your game that the product key will work.

  • Vorastra

    No it is not “legit” in any way. Developers and companies have complained tirelessly that all keys for their games sold on G2A are grey-market, bought through region-locked areas or have been stolen.

    There have been multple instances where people have lost their game simply because the devloper got fed up and revoked them.

    Does paying something like G2A Shield, which is meant to protect you against developers invalidating your keys, sound “legit” to you.

  • Vorastra

    Why? Their games cost almost as much as the new price for BF1. COD has been a ripoff for a long time now.

  • Gman

    Thanks, will give it a try

  • The Informer

    cdkeys is even cheaper. LOL

  • Vorastra

    Don’t be surprised if your key ever gets revoked. There’s a reason the shady site is hated by developers and there’s a reason why G2A has something called G2A Shield.


  • The Informer

    well if you like $46.65, you’re gonna LUV $43.99 on cdkeys


  • The Informer

    you sound like a cry baby.

    waaaaaaaaah, my game won’t work.

    try inserting the disk, dumbass

  • Vorastra

    Nothing you’ve just said has anything to do with my comment.

  • Madkilla

    That’s true and it sucks but if he is willing to give a R1000 for dice and their bf game he can do it if he can’t then this is a cheaper option for him.

  • The Informer

    are you afrikaans?

  • Vorastra

    He can simply not buy the game and not enable developers to charge such unreasonably high prices for a game.

  • Vorastra

    No I’m English, which is why I can form a coherent sentence that actually addresses a comment.

  • Madkilla

    Yea he can but its his choice in the end.

  • Vorastra

    Fair enough. As long as he knows that he is enabling theft by buying from G2A, then there is no issue.

  • The Informer

    you be a retard then

  • The Informer

    if it was really theft, don’t you think the FBI would have seized their domain?

    *throws in smoke grenade*

  • Vorastra

    Good one.

  • The Informer

    no, i’m the bad one. you’re the ugly one.

    spoiler alert: there is no good one

  • The Informer

    i bet you drooled on the window glass when you rode home on the short bus.

    mommy was there to greet you and say, “damn, son, when are you gonna get in an industrial accident? didn’t i tell you to jump in the tractor drawn grass mower when they be mowing the school lawns? do your momma proud, die for retards everywhere.”

  • The Informer

    hey y’all. i believe you can get this game (and almost any other game) for free via torrents. it’s called pirating, so its doubly cool.

  • Vorastra

    Do you want me to explain how eBay works because that’s how G2A works. eBay is technically not responsible for stolen items that are sold on their service.

    The same applies for G2A. Doesn’t mean it’s not theft. The difference between eBay and G2A is that eBay actively tries to stop those sales by withholding the funds from the seller so that they cannot profit off the stolen goods. G2A does nothing to try and stop any of this and even encourages these sorts of sales.

  • Vorastra

    Insults are all fine and good, I don’t mind, but you do realise that you’re the one that sounds like a fool, right?

  • Gman

    Uhuh, thought it looked a bit strange. Thanks for the heads up.

  • John

    Been using it for about 5 years, never any issues. CDkeys ive had dud keys so ya

  • psion

    They are pulling another hardline…

  • BloodSteyn

    What da f0k…. They can’t do this to us.

  • BloodSteyn

    You don’t actually pay of it on pre-order. They only deduct the final amount from your account when it gets released.
    Made that mistake with Hardline, what a waste. Had funds, pre-orderd, few months later when I didn’t have funds my account gets raped.

  • BloodSteyn

    Yes, you’re not actually charged until the game is released. I found that out with Hardline when I pre-ordered and was only debited on launch date.

  • Jeandré De Beer

    That sucks, I was maybe going for standard and PREM, but now I’ll probably go with g2a.

  • Byron Cloete

    This might actually be to combat people using a VPN to change their location because the game was cheaper on SA Origin than the US/UK store and probably a lot of other places.

  • SeanX5000

    Mxm. Stupidity imagine paying R1000 for the base game, R2000 for Ultimate. Kak storie man. EA se g…….

  • Raven

    You can butter this anyway you like, it’s bloody insane! ……Skip…..

  • SkepticZA

    I have largely abandoned the AAA Hype-Train years ago. Sure, every now and again I dip in my toe only to come away with “ahh.. nothing has changed”.
    Thanks to Steam, indie/small studio developers now have a platform for their games. They have the balls to be creative and innovative, something which is way too risky for the big studios. Anyways, that’s where I go for my PC gaming entertainment.

  • Jonathan Wright

    Aaaaaand I will not be buying BF1 anymore, which is a pity.

  • Manfred Higgs

    Haha I was thinking I was going to have to wait because R599 was too expensive probably would have bit the bullet but they just made that decision a whole lot easier. I guess thank you EA… I really shouldn’t be wasting money on games that in a couple months won’t be playable because the local servers are a graveyard.

  • Michael

    Uninstalling the Beta tonight then.

  • Michael

    Not that it matters anymore but are we even getting servers in SA for BF1?

  • l0cal_user

    There is an obvious downside to this of course, you have to play it on an xbox 😛

  • Naastredamus

    “It seems that this difference is no longer an issue for Battlefield 1,
    as gamers will now be paying R1,000 for the base version of the game..” or maybe not, love the game but will not pay a grand for it!

  • TRixation

    Who is this guy and why is he stirring sh!t with people? So juvenile! It’s people like you that give gamers a bad name.

  • Naastredamus

    I take it you are unhappy?

  • Naastredamus

    There probably will be, but with this price tag they will be fairly empty….

  • Johan Lewis Last

    I won’t be bovvered then!

  • Ed209

    So games were R699 when it was R10/US$, then it went to R16/US$ and games cost R1000. Now it has recovered to R14/US$ and no impact on the price of games?

  • Michael

    Agree, I have better things to spend that much money on

  • Tenshi

    Jy kan nie eers jou ma bliksem!!

  • Cons Comments

    So that’s EXACTLY why pirated games are still available!
    I mean, really, R2K for a game!!!

  • Cons Comments

    Oh and then the game is probably 2 hours long!

  • Donovan Dickerson

    Join the revolution. Join us on Project Reality and have some fun in realistic gameplay and yet a small download of just 7.1gb for the new and improved update.

  • Vamp1r3

    If you look into that case more, tinybuilds behavior was rather questionable as well. I don’t think it’s fair to solely blame G2A for actions made by people reselling keys

  • Shane Barker

    it still says R 999.00 on all the online sites

  • Donovan Dickerson

    Join us in Project Reality a really smart game check it out

  • Vorastra

    As per my previous comment to The Informer:

    Do you want me to explain how eBay works because that’s how G2A works. eBay is technically not responsible for stolen items that are sold on their service.

    The same applies for G2A. Doesn’t mean it’s not theft. The difference between eBay and G2A is that eBay actively tries to stop those sales by withholding the funds from the seller so that they cannot profit off the stolen goods. G2A does nothing to try and stop any of this and even encourages these sorts of sales.

  • Vamp1r3

    It’s very easy to hate a company when you refuse to find any good in them. You’re obviously pretty set in your ways regarding them, this isn’t a conversation worth having.

  • Vorastra

    What good is there in a company that embraces theft? Let me guess, you use G2A regularly don’t you.

  • Hennie Swart

    Ja no well fine. That is daylight robbery.

    Doesn’t impact myself as I more or less only play Armored Warfare. It’s been a long time since I played anything else.

  • Faux Grey

    Yeahhh boiii!

  • The Informer

    gamers don’t have a bad name, just you

  • Private draken

    You totally can. G2A do nothing to ‘vet’ sellers on their site.

    A lot of keys on G2A are not simply ‘resellers’. There are countless way shady people get keys they shouldnt have access to(aka the dev of the game never gets to see a penny).

    There is also chargebacks. People steal credit cards, why tons of keys for a game, resell cheap before the charges get chargedback.

    When they get charged back, the game dev takes a financial hit.

    So while you might buy of G2A and never have an issue, that doesnt mean you should turn a blind eye to reality.

  • Private draken

    He is 100% correct and schooled you pretty hard.

    High School must of been/is tough for you mate.

  • Private draken

    Because everyone plays Battlefield for its amazing Single Player Story ?

    You are pretty stupid mate.

  • I_ReTaiNed_|

    Technically, you haven’t paid, so they have the right to change the price of your pre-ordered game just as you have the right to cancel the order. Not saying it’s going to happen, but it could.

  • The Informer

    i don’t play it at all. LOL

  • The Informer

    no, he schooled you. he broke your sisters virginity.

  • Pieter

    Nee wat! Ek bly maar by Bf4 vir nou.

  • Dennis Hearn

    for sure

  • Dennis Hearn

    thats way to do it..if we all dont buy they must drop the prices

  • Dennis Hearn

    still no servers for BF1 yet in SA

  • BeoTeK

    It’s the principal of the matter.

  • Vorastra

    It probably won’t TBH but what other way do we have to express our discontent for such an unreasonably high price?

  • Vamp1r3

    I’m not going to deny using them from time to time, although I wouldn’t say regularly. And it’s incredibly naive of you to accuse them of embracing theft.

  • Vorastra

    They do nothing to curb it because they profit from it and they are happy to continue to do so. There’s a reason why people, at large, dislike G2A.

  • The Informer

    Battlefield Hardline is known for its single player story, az hole

  • The Informer

    I ate everyone who messed with me. I went to school armed at all times with a deadly weapon. Anyone who messed with me, got savaged to death.
    btw, the school I want to was the same one Hendrik Verwoerd went to. Yeah, I am THAT hardcore. no lies.

  • InvisibleMan

    As nice as it feels to complain here about the BS price hike, it won’t change anything. I was fully prepared to pay R1350 for the ultimate edition, but no way in hell am I paying R1899.
    Cant a petition be starting about this or something?
    With Piracy being on a rapid decline one would imagine that game prices will come down as more sales are ‘enforced’, but now prices seem to be doubling and even tripling 🙁
    Really wish the companies would stop being such money grabbing whores. Bring prices down and sales will increase, profits might even be higher!

    Was really looking forward to this game, have been waiting for years for a new WW1 FPS game. *cries in Afrikaans*

  • Vamp1r3

    That’s true for most companies in the world I’m afraid and people dislike a lot of companies at large, that doesn’t mean they’re all bad.

  • Bertus Meyer

    rerig….?? Jy vol geld Tenshi?

  • Bertus Meyer

    not friends card was billed right after purchase

  • bluegoon

    fkit Jarred ontspan ou bul!

  • bluegoon

    Ye they discounted cause you only gonna be playing by yourself… lol

  • bluegoon

    Tell you what EA, I’ve got R599 here for your “make believe physical” product (digital). You either take the R599, which is a great deal for both of us, or you get nothing… which sounds like the better deal?

  • bluegoon

    Chances are good this dude had a hand in this.

    Go say hello to him and tell him SA sends their regards lol

  • Spy Master Tokashi

    Any update on this matter ?

    FYI, if you guys didnt talk to EA about the local and digital prices, this would not have happened!


  • Yaseen

    Is there a tax on the purchase when buying from origin?

  • MrSimmix

    G2A uses shady business practices to get those keys, sometimes developers don’t get money when people buy the games from G2A. So its up to you whether or not you want to support G2A and their business practices.

  • GHir

    now 50% off on origin. 879 for deluxe edition with titian fall 2 deluxe

Battlefield 1 gets a massive price increase on Origin SA

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