PlayStation 4 Pro versus PC 4K graphics comparison

Rise of the Tomb Raider - Preview

Ever since the official announcement of the PlayStation 4 Pro and its 4K capabilities, there has been constant speculation regarding its potential quality and performance.

Digital Foundry has made the first step in informing the console audience of the console’s performance capabilities via a graphics comparison.

The comparison shows the PlayStation 4 Pro rendering Rise of the Tomb Raider at a resolution of 4K alongside a capable gaming PC with all the graphics options set to maximum.

Graphics Comparison

It is important to note that the PlayStation 4 Pro would struggle to render a game like Rise of the Tomb Raider at a native resolution of 3,840 x 2,160, and instead uses advanced upscaling techniques to perform at a serviceable framerate.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is also not nearly as powerful as a high-end 4K gaming PC, and makes a number of sacrifices in order to perform efficiently.

Some of these changes include:

  • PS4 Pro sets textures to “High“, while PC texture settings are set to “Very High“.
  • PS4 Pro shadow quality is reduced.
  • Specular lighting quality is worse on the PS4 Pro
  • Certain dynamic lighting effects are not present on the PS4 Pro.

The biggest difference in visual quality is the noticeably softer and less crisp visuals of the PlayStation 4, a result of the upscaling techniques in comparison to the native 4K output of the PC.

Check out the full graphics comparison below:

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PlayStation 4 Pro versus PC 4K graphics comparison

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