You can now change your Blizzard name

Those of you who have been surfing the internet for a while have no doubt stopped to cringe at some of your past user handles.

While your old handle seemed like a great idea when you were 13, it probably hasn’t aged well by the time you want to play a co-op game with your work colleagues.

Fortunately Blizzard now officially allows you to change your name to something a little less cringe-worthy.

The first change is completely free of charge, after which you will be asked to pay a small fee each time you wish to change it.

How to Change

If you’re ready for something new and haven’t already used your free BattleTag change, simply visit your Account Management Dashboard, and click the Change link under your Account Details to the right of your current tag.

If you haven’t used your free change yet, don’t worry—BattleTag changes don’t expire and yours will be waiting for you if and when you ever decide to use it.

If you’ve already used your first free change and still feel like a new nickname would be a better fit, the option to purchase an additional change will be available within Account Management.

Changes are available for $10 each (or equivalent depending on your setting), and your new moniker will be reflected on your friends list automatically after making the change.

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You can now change your Blizzard name

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