Nvidia Titan X Pascal SLI takes 4K gaming to the next level

Nvidia Pascal Titan X

Nvidia released its GeForce GTX 10 Series generation of graphics cards this year, based on its 16nm Pascal architecture.

These new GPUs offer increased performance and power consumption at a better price point than previous graphics card architectures.

However, some of these graphics cards are still quite expensive, with the GeForce GTX 1080 costing over R10,000 in South Africa.

The company also released its top-of-the-range GTX Titan X Pascal GPU, a full GP102 chip which boasts insane performance along with a heavy price tag.

SLI Performance

One of these powerful graphics cards can meet modern expectations for 4K gaming, but the Titan X Pascal has SLI capability, meaning that gamers can connect two together for even more performance.

The folks over at Hardware.info measured the performance of two Nvidia Titan X Pascal cards in SLI using Nvidia’s new High Bandwidth SLI bridge, and the results are absolutely crazy.

Outputting levels of performance never recorded before, the two Titan X Pascals dominated 4K benchmarks, boasting framerates of up to 200 under 4K Ultra presets.

4K gaming is slowly becoming more accessible to the mainstream gaming market, and although these graphics cards are ridiculously expensive, they push the limits of 4K gaming at 60 frames-per-second, meaning that cheaper solutions will slowly become more available as GPU architecture evolves.

As it stands, a Nvidia Titan X Pascal SLI setup is the ultimate 4K gaming solution available to gamers at the moment.

Check out the full benchmarks below:





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Nvidia Titan X Pascal SLI takes 4K gaming to the next level

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