South Africa is missing out on the most important gaming release of 2016

If you follow the international gaming media, you will notice a couple of reviews went up today that you won’t see in South Africa.

The international PS VR review embargo officially lifted today and the gaming press is awash with praise for the new headset.

South Africa however, will only be receiving the headset in January 2017 (a fact still not represented on the official South African PlayStation website).

What’s much worse than not getting than the PS VR however, is the fact that we may not see its competitors the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift at all.

Steam still hasn’t officially put it’s Steam Link up for sale in the country despite releasing nearly a year ago and our hopes of the HTC Vive ever making it across our shores are pinned on the company’s mobile division in South Africa.

There are of course ways to import the devices into South Africa but this still means the wider South African gaming audience is left out.

But why is it so important that VR comes to South Africa?

From a gaming perspective, this is where our industry is heading – like it or not.

It’s become the standard to compare both the hardware capability and “WOW!” experience to impress gamers and non-gamers alike.

The games may not actually be quite there yet, but the seemingly infinite possibilities of the technology is something anyone can recognise and appreciate.

Whether you’re hyped for VR or not, the fact that you don’t have the option to purchase the hardware in South Africa in 2016 is a sad state of affairs.

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South Africa is missing out on the most important gaming release of 2016

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