Massive gaming specials in Raru’s rAge 2016 Sale


In celebration of the rAge Expo 2016, Raru has discounted a huge selection of games and hardware.

From bundled gaming deals to R1,500 off PC gaming peripherals, Raru’s rAge 2016 deals cater to all types of gamer.

Below are the deal categories:

The rAge 2016 deals are only valid from 3-9 October 2016.

Other retailers such as Rebeltech and Computers Only are expected to unveil rAge-specific specials as the weekend draws near, with Rebeltech announcing that its online storefront will be closed on the weekend due to the rAge Expo.

Check out some of the awesome specials below (click on image to enlarge):




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  • Brandon van Reenen

    It’s a nice special but the games aren’t too appealing

  • Viper_ZA

    They had more, but were sold out rather quickly xD

  • Grid10ck

    This sale started on Monday already, MyGaming is a little bit behind.

  • Shreez

    Nothing massive about this.
    That includes your limited vocabulary.

  • aknit

    Well played


Massive gaming specials in Raru’s rAge 2016 Sale

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