The 7 best PC games you can’t buy on Steam

It’s safe to say that PC gamers unabashedly love Steam.

Despite some complaints about how they deal with customer service, the monolithic gaming storefront consistently offers a great experience and affordable prices.

But there’s also a world outside that little grey box on your desktop.

We took a look at the 7 best games you can’t buy on Steam:

League of Legends (LoL Client)

We know that South Africa is Dota 2 country, but we can’t just ignore what is reportedly the biggest game in the world.

Even if you’re stuck in your ways, there’s nothing stopping you from downloading the standalone client and giving it a whirl – despite protestations, MOBAs are similar enough that you can pick LoL up relatively easily and figure out what you’re doing.

It’s not like your friends on Steam can see what you’re doing.

Overwatch (and pretty much any Blizzard game) (Battle.Net Client)

There’s not much more to say other than most Blizzard games are quality.

Rather than recommending a single title, we’re using this space to urge you to download the client and give all of their available games a try.

Forza Horizon 3 (Windows 10 Store)

The Xbox’s best racing franchise is now available on PC and it’s pretty damn good here too.

Yes, you have to deal with the somewhat questionable Windows 10 store, but Horizon 3 runs and plays wonderfully on modern PCs and is a must-have title for anyone even remotely interested in racing games.

Battlefield 1 (Origin)

The last of the heavy hitters on this list, Battlefield 1 is looking like the must-play holiday game of 2016.

The beta looked and ran beautifully on PC and there’s no game on Steam that captures that same combination of massive warfare and classic Battlefield gameplay.

Guild Wars 2 (ArenaNet)

It seems like the days of the MMO are waning, and more and more titles have felt more comfortable releasing directly on Steam instead of in its own client.

Guild Wars 2 remains a stout outlier – and it’s a great game to boot.

Ravenfield (

A Battlefield knock-off in the best of ways, Ravenfield takes the carnage and multiplayer murdering of Battlefield and makes all the characters coloured blocks.

The result is both equal parts charming and grisly.

Rainbow Six: Siege (Uplay)

I’m making a point of putting this title on this list because it’s ludicrous that you can buy this game on every platform (including a boxed copy in-store) but not from South Africa’s Steam Store.

Seriously, this is probably the cleverest AAA-multiplayer game released in years and more people should have a chance to play it.

Check out the aptly-named NotonSteam for more deals on games not on Steam.

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The 7 best PC games you can’t buy on Steam

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