The shocking amount game prices have increased in South Africa in the last year

As they creep past the R1,000 mark, the price of games in South Africa has once again become a hot topic of debate.

Just how bad has it gotten in the last year?

The Rand has fallen off sharply in the last 12 months, but that doesn’t only affect import costs. It hits every point in the chain including distribution, shipping, and costs of living.

While it’s almost impossible to make identical comparisons, (games don’t release twice) because of the release of annualised franchises we can get pretty close.

We peaked into MyGaming’s archives to see what we were paying a year ago, and the results aren’t pretty:


Store FIFA 17 FIFA 16
Cheapest Digital (Console)  R799 (Xbox One)  R799 (PS4/Xbox One)
Cheapest Retail (Console) R999 (BT Games/Takealot/Raru)  R749 (CNA)
Cheapest Digital (PC) R999 (Origin) R699 (Origin)

Average Rand Increase: R150

Average Percentage Increase: 27.6%


Store Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Cheapest Digital (Console)  R1,199 (PSn/Xbox One) R749 (PSN)
Cheapest Retail (Console)  R1,049 (Loot) R893 (Loot)
Cheapest Digital (PC)  R999 (Steam) R799 (Steam)

Average Rand Increase: R268

Average Percentage Increase: 24.2%


Store Battlefield 1 Battlefield Hardline
Cheapest Digital (Console)  R829 (PSN/Xbox One) R799  (PSN/Xbox One)
Cheapest Retail (Console) R999 (Takealot) R719 (Kalahari)
Cheapest Digital (PC) R999 (Origin) R499 (Origin)

Average Rand Increase: R270

Average Percentage Increase: 27.28%


Total Average Rand Increase: R229.3

Total Average Percentage Increase: 26.36%

Prices were correct at the time of writing.


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The shocking amount game prices have increased in South Africa in the last year

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