10 Games we cannot wait to play in 2017

Let us be honest for a second, 2016 has been an epic year in gaming, but as it draws to a close, we have to look to the future at some of the games that we better start saving up for.

2017 already looks like an awesome year for video games, as we will see some great VR games, PS4 Pro being used to its full potential, and of course a new Xbox.

Here are all the biggest games we cannot wait to play in 2017.

Mass Effect Andromeda

After the huge success that was the original Mass Effect trilogy, Bioware has been hard at work on the next generation of Mass Effect that stars a whole new set of heroes in a distant part of the galaxy.

Andromeda takes place 600 years after the events of the original trilogy, and you will take on the role of the children of Alec Rider, a former N7 special forces soldier and designated pathfinder. A pathfinder is a person whose job is to search the galaxy for planets for the human species to inhabit.

What darkness awaits players in the galaxy, and just how long will it take for us to explore the new planets that are out there?

Horizon Zero Dawn

After working on the Killzone series for a few years, Guerrilla Games have finally moved onto something new, something exciting. Horizon: Zero Dawn is the latest IP from Sony, and looks like it has already made waves.

As you explore the world around you and complete quests, you will be faced off against massive mechanical creatures that will threaten your life.

Horizon Zero Dawn is the first new role playing game to ever be developed by Guerrilla Games, and it looks too epic for words.


Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Since The Division, Ubisoft have taken a different path with the Tom Clancy titles abd Ghost Recon: Wildlands looks like something fresh and exciting. Set in a gorgeous open world in Bolivia, the state has become unstable as the Santa Blanca drug cartel gains more power of the people every day.

With the drug cartel out of hand, and the power they wield being beyond control, the US Government sends a group of special operations called the “Ghosts”, to bring down the cartel and eliminate the threat.

You and your friends will head into missions together in the game’s awesome co-op, as you collect unique weapons and gear, and use all your cool gadgets to do so. Players will work as a team to complete missions, and take down enemies in style.

For Honor

It has been a while since Ubisoft worked on something as off-beat as For Honor, and the excitement has been building since its reveal last year. This new hack and slash game will feature a hand-to-hand combat system known as the “Art of Battle”. You will take on the roles of historical soldiers in history such as the medieval knights, samurais, and Vikings.

Each faction will have a unique combat approach, divided into four classes. The Samurais for example, will have assassins that as fast and deadly, as well as heavily-armoured enemies that will act as tanks in battle. Unlock skills for each class, and wage war against the other factions.

Resident Evil 7

Going back to its survival roots, Resident Evil 7 looks beyond freaky. The game’s new take on horror will take players on a bloody adventure as Ethen, as he heads into the city of Dulvey, Louisiana. It is here where he begins his search for his missing wife and he stumbles on a plantation mansion, home to the crazed Baker family.

Expect lots of new scares as the Baker family will take you on a frightful experience. What we have seen from the trailers, has set the tone for one of the scariest games of 2017. With a new direction, and a new FPS take on the series, we cannot wait for Resident Evil 7.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild not only brings a new Zelda game, but also the new Nintendo Switch. The game is the first ever open world Zelda game, and it looks fantastic.

Cooking, hunting, and of course exploring dungeons is what we can expect in the latest game as Nintendo have taken a new step in the Zelda series. Link returns to the screen as he awakens after a 100-year slumber to a mysterious voice that guides him to defeat the usual antagonist Ganon.


Dark Souls meets samurai, meets a bloody new adventure. Nioh has taken a few of the biggest video games out there, and merged it all into one to make, what looks like a new Souls game, but with a few twists.

Set in the early 1600s during a period called the Sengoku period. A sailor named William arrives in Japan and is enlisted by Hattori Hanzo, to defeat the Yokai, strange mutated creatures who have risen in wake of the war. With tactical sword fights, ki skills, and a unique multiplayer, Nioh looks like the Japanese Dark Souls we never had

Red Dead Redemption 2

Although not much can be seen in the trailer for the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2, we know it is going to be epic. A new open world to explore, dense town to stay the night in, and what seems to be a set of brand new characters to meet along the way.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will see the return of multiplayer to the series. Just how this will work is still unknown, but we can rest assured that Rockstar will deliver a great package, like they always do.

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue

Finally, the last prologue to the Kingdom Hearts series before we get Kingdom Hearts III. The last HD release will see Kingdom Hearts 3D, as well as a special game build from the ground up called Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Borth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage.

Birth by Sleep 0.2 will be a taste of what is to come in Kingdom Hearts III as the game uses the Unreal Engine 4, and has been built using the same system as Kingdom Hearts III. If anything, it is about time we stop living in past Kingdom Hearts games.


Scalebound will probably be the first Xbox Scorpio game to fully make use of the power of the console. Players control Drew who has a Dragon called Thuban. Players will use a variety of weapons to defeat enemies, as well team up with other players online to go co-op against massive bosses.

With Platinum Games at the helm, the creators of Bayonetta, we know that Scalebound is going to be one epic adventure.

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10 Games we cannot wait to play in 2017

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