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Duskers is a brilliant combination of tactics, strategy, and horror where you pilot drones through derelict ships in search of salvage while trying to unravel a mystery.

Yet where other strategy titles would use the mouse or a controller for input, developer Misfits Attic has chosen to instead go with a command line interface.

Typing in commands to control your drones sounds daunting, but it is really no more difficult to learn than the control scheme of a strategy franchise you haven’t played before.

It makes Duskers play a bit like a hacker game. You feel like you are actually controlling drones remotely from a computer terminal on a space ship.

However, it is not about figuring out in which order you need to execute commands to beat a puzzle or scenario.

The universe and derelicts are randomly generated, and your drones will face enemies and other hazards such as unnamed infestations, security drones, radiation, and the vacuum of space.

Positioning, timing, and resource conservation all come into play.

As with any good survival horror, resources are rare and you will never have enough to build or upgrade everything you want to. Sometimes it won’t even be possible to repair all the important gear you need, and you’ll have to try and make do.

On paper, it just doesn’t seem like it should be possible — a top-down strategy game that uses a command line interface that is also a survival horror inspired by the Alien movie franchise.

Yet, Duskers exists. And it is beautiful.

Duskers screenshot

Duskers screenshot

Duskers screenshot

Duskers screenshot

Duskers screenshot

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12 Games of Christmas — Duskers

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