7 epic games that turn 20 this year

Tekken 3

These games turn 20 this year. Yes, it has been 20 years since you first experienced the death of Aerith, or fought True Ogre.

These games have still got so much life in them, and we love them for that.  Let us take a look at some of the biggest games in 1997, and where they are today.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII was a landmark game back in the 90s, and still today it is one of the biggest games around, even if it has not had a sequel or reboot since the PSP spin off Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII in 2007.

It drives pop culture like nothing else, and its fame it overwhelming given how old the game really is.

You can buy Final Fantasy VII on almost any platform, be it your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy device, or even play it on your PC and PS4.

Given that the game is 20 this year, it still feels like a major part of the gaming industry, and the fame will only get bigger as we await the remake that Square Enix as busy with.

Duke Nukem Forever

While the game only released 2012, believe it or not, but production for Duke Nukem Forever began back in 1997. This means that the game’s existence is 20 years old this year.

Duke Nukem Forever was announced in April 1997, and was planned for a 2001 release. When 2001 rolled around, 3D Realms commented on the game’s development and said they will release it “when it is done”.

Well it was done 11 years later in 2012 where Duke Nukem Forever released to the gaming world and was a complete disaster title.

Since then, the classic 3D version of the game has re-released on every gaming platform and has done so much better than the game that took over 10 years to develop.


Believe it or not, but Fallout was a very different game when it originally released in 1997. Under the development of Inter Play, and Black Isle Studios, the game was a top-down point and click RPG.

The game was set in the same Fallout world we love so much, but it was not until Fallout 3 that it went in a third person/FPS direction.

Fallout 1 had a very different combat system too, that was part turn based similar to the VATS, and point and click.

While this was a great start to the series, I personally prefer the way the game is today, with its deep RPG elements, and intense combat. It just goes to show what 20 years of progress can do.

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee

One of the most iconic platformers of all released in 1997, and it changed the way we looked at food forever. Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee was a fantastic adventure through the world of Rupture Farms as Abe sets off to save his species from extinction.

The factory is turning his people into popsickles, as they have been other animals for years.

Abe uses all this running, rolling, and chanting power to save as many Mudokons as possible before they are all turned into food.

If you ever wanted to experience the game again, you can as the developers behind the original game, Oddworld Inhabitants, remade the game from the ground up in a “New n Tasty” version released on all current hardware.

Grand Theft Auto

20 years ago a legend was born in the form of a ridiculously over-the-top action game also known as GTA.

The game originally released in 1997 for PC, and it made waves for its violence, and genre defining gameplay.

There was really nothing else like it. Driving around an open world, blowing things up, riding over people, and just being a complete badass at life.

GTA set the bar for its sequels to come, and a few years down the line, we now have GTA V, which is one of the greatest games you could ever play.

PaRappa the Rapper

1997 was a big year for the original PlayStation. Final Fantasy VII, Crash Bandicoot 2, and PaRappa the Rapper.

One of the most famous PlayStation mascots made his debut in 1997, and who knew that a game about rapping and cheesy one-liners would be so popular?

The game was an instant hit, so much so that although the sequel did not do too well, the original game is being remastered for PS4 at the moment.

Such a simple idea, turned out to be one of the most addictive games you could play on PlayStation.

Tekken 3

Although the game did not hit PlayStation until 1998, the fighter made its debut in the arcade back in 1997, and it was an instant hit.

If you ask anyone what their favorite Tekken game is, they will tell you Tekken 3, as that is the game we all grew up on.

Playing volleyball with friends as one player played as Gon, and the other as Kuma.

Fighting through the arcade mode a dozen times in hope that there was a secret character still to be unlocked. It was the stuff gaming dreams are made of.

Unfortunately today there are just not enough good fighting games around, and if you want to play Tekken 3, then you will have to emulate it.

Do you have fond memories of these games? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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7 epic games that turn 20 this year

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