Microsoft blocks Windows 7 updates on PCs with new processors

Microsoft has blocked Windows 7 and 8.1 users with an Intel 7th-Gen or AMD Ryzen processor from updating their operating systems.

The company said Windows 10 will be the only supported Windows platform for the newest range of Intel and AMD processors – although the Intel chips still functioned with older versions of the operating system at launch (after a bit of tweaking).

Users with a 7th-Gen or Ryzen processor who attempt to scan for or download updates are greeted with an error message:

Unsupported Hardware. Your PC uses a processor that isn’t supported on this version of Windows and you won’t receive updates.

Users may also receive an unknown error message when attempting to search for updates on an older version of Windows.

According to Microsoft’s support page, the error message is a result of the Windows 10 support policy.

Microsoft recommends that users who encounter this message resolve the issue by upgrading to Windows 10.

This article first appeared on MyBroadband and is republished with permission.

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  • Grové Erasmus

    The majority of people who use laptops have little if any need to use Windows since most tasks are nowadays done froma browser. Why not use Linux then ? I mean, it works with absolutely everything asnd ready to use immediately after install.

  • moabird

    I love Windows 10, but that’s a really crappy thing to do of them… People should be allowed to choose what OS they want.

  • Ryansr

    Ah, the old Linux argument again… LOL! ??

  • Mark Spencer

    You can chose what you want you just wont get updates

  • Gaming…

  • Grové Erasmus

    People have windows on their laptops because it comes preinstalled. This is the reason Windows is dominant. having Windows pre-installed is convenient, forces people to invest in Windows platform software.

    Gaming on a laptop ? You either have too much money, or have no idea how to invest your money and make the money work for you ?
    Your average user never plays games and never even heard of Steam.

    The average user is someone for whom a computer is a simply tool to accomplish a task. For most people it is operating a web browser. No matter if it is Windows, Mac or Linux.
    the average user has no idea how to backup ot transfer his/her photo’s from phone to the cloud (google photos for example), even from a phone.
    The average home user spends much of his/her time on a OS independent web browser.

    You must be very rich to spend money on a laptop with a 3D capable gfx card from ATI or nVidia. My current laptop from 06/2011 is a Core i3 CPU dating from 06/2011, installed 512Gb SSD + 12Gb RAM, Linux Mint, Steam for Linux and works perfect. Installed Crossover (run MS Office on Linux) and it’s been on my desktop since 2013. All 2D games for Steam Linux strill runs fine, a honorable mention to FTL: Faster Than Light.

    My money tells me it’s much better value to spend the same amount on a desktop computer. My secondary computer right next to me is running Linux Mint 18.1, Geforce 1060 6Gb, 512Gb SSD, 16Gb RAM and Core i5 (2016 edition) connected to 4K monitor. The only game I can’t run on Linux (yet) is my fave game, Elite Dangerous. Even Arma 3 has been ported to Linux.

  • Paul Nel

    Because linux is shitty desktop OS. Period

  • Grové Erasmus

    Because you said so. And that is final.
    En basta daarmee.

  • Paul Nel

    Common sense dictates… not every user has the background to make a linux desktop work for them. The average user doesnt want to spend time googling “how to set up vpn on Linux Mint” when they know that its 3 clickety clicks away on Windows. Linux cant ever be considered a decent alternative to Windows for the everyday user because from the very start, they purposely followed different design principles. That is not necessarily a bad thing. We use linux pretty heavily in the software development world, and other specialized spheres. But yeah, there is just no way you can even begin to convince the non-poweruser to give up ease of use and compatibility for an OS that feels experimental and ever-changing.

Microsoft blocks Windows 7 updates on PCs with new processors

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