Denuvo piracy protection cracked – Keygen released for Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2

Cracking group SteamPunks has delivered a key generator for Dishonored 2, a game protected by Denuvo’s digital rights management system.

TorrentFreak reported that what makes the crack unique is that it is not a “pre-crack” of the game’s files.

Instead, the key generator lets you generate a valid licence for the game without modifying its files. The release notes for the crack stated that the licence can be regenerated if needed.

However, of some concern is that the crack’s code is protected with VMProtect – the software Denuvo used to prevent people from reverse engineering its anti-piracy software.

Users are warning others to exercise caution, as there is currently no telling what the key generator may be doing on your system.

Steampunks Dishonored

This article first appeared on MyBroadband and is republished with permission.

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  • Brave Magala

    Who still pirates games, just wait 6 months for a sale?

  • Or alternatively don’t buy the game at all to show your displeasure.

  • Wilma Whittaker


  • tjitah

    Games have become ridiculously expensive at launch, so I’m not surprised to see an upsurge in piracy again. We have to wait almost 2 years for prices to become bearable and then only when they go on sale. I’ve got no problem waiting 2 years because I have a substantial library of backlogged games anyway. The other upside about waiting is that all updates and bug fixes (and Game of the Year Editions) have been released and hardware can run them comfortably by then.

  • Arahuakbar

    People who have to feed their families and cannot afford to spend money on every game they want.

  • Midnattsol

    Lack of demos too.

    I wait for games to go on sale too or buy on GOG when possible.

  • Redshiftza

    Exercise caution using the keygen… Yah, run in a sandbox or VM, copy-pasta, profit!

    (This post for educational purposes only XD)

Denuvo piracy protection cracked – Keygen released for Dishonored 2

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