Video game mechanics that were surprisingly easy to miss

PlayStation Access recently put together a video where they went through some of the most awkward moments in video games where they played an entire game, or a few hours into a game and realised that they missed on of the most important aspects of it.

This got me thinking, what video game mechanics did I completely miss throughout my gaming lifetime so far that I kicked myself for?

Feel free to judge, but here are some of the most awkward moments in gaming which I faced due to the fact that I never knew I could do something in a specific game.

Using passwords

Back when gaming had no save spots or auto saves, we used to rely on passwords to get us back to the point where we could carry on from where we ended. This happened in a few games like Mega Man, Pac-Man 2, and even Castlevania.

As a child being completely oblivious to life, I never made use of these password features, rather just replayed the same old levels and progress over and over again in hopes that one day I would get through it all in one playthrough.

Not being able to leave the house in Pokemon

This is probably the most embarrassing moments for me in gaming as I remember quite fondly lending a Gameboy from a friend just to play Pokemon Yellow. I got home and started up the game just to be stuck in my bedroom.

I walked around this room for a couple of hours before I had to phone my friend and ask him how in the heavens I got out my room.

He then told me I had to approach the block on the floor and use that. While that sounded all good, it would have been easier just to tell me that I would actually have to walk into the block rather than just stand there and press a button. Not my brightest moment in life.

Pokemon Yellow

180 degree turns in Resident Evil

This is something that many gamers have overlooked for years now. The infamous Resident Evil 180-degree turn. It has been a staple in gaming for years now but so many gamers have no idea is it even a thing.

Yes, you can instantly turn around in most Resident Evil games and it makes a huge difference between life and death. Take Resident Evil 5 for example.

There is this huge executioner after you but turning around can be something that might take a while. What do you do to do it faster? Well, you do an 180-degree turn.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is another perfect example of this given that it is an FPS game and turning around is even slower in this case. Many people did not know that you could easily turn around and run for your life away from the mad creatures.

Resident Evil 4

No jump in Dark Souls

Dark Souls is hard, and while many people may find it a bit overwhelming, there are so many hidden features that many gamers miss out on. This includes scaling, blocking, and believe it or not some gamers have no idea that you even lock onto enemies in the game.

While these may seem shocking, the most disturbing of all is te fact that so many gamers had no idea that you could jump in the game.

Yes, all those tasty items that you probably needed in the game which was hidden across gaps and ledges were missed out on by hundreds of gamers who had no idea you would sprint and click in your analogue stick to jump across the gap.

This gets even worse as it proves that many gamers do not even go into their settings to see what the buttons are for the game as there is a clear “jump” command button which you can assign the L3 button to the classic circle/B button which was in the original Dark Souls.

Fast Travel

Now I have played enough games to know that if it is an open world game then chances are you will be able to go from one part of the map to another without having to actually walk there.

Saying that however, some gamers might have a tough time coming to grips with the idea of fast travelling in video games.

According to many gamers out there the fast travel system in games like Red Dead Redemption, and Skyrim was the hardest to discover. Yes, because going to an icon of a location you have already discovered and clicked on “fast travel” is rocket science.

Many gamers have actually admitted that they have played through half of Skyrim without ever fast travelling anywhere. Now I am all for exploring these beautiful worlds but that it simply too much. Life is too short to walk around Skyrim for months on end.

Skyrim Fast Travel


It also seems to be a trend where gamers have no idea that they could sprint in certain video games. Now if you are playing an open world video game then chances are you can. Is this not a given these days?

Gamers report that they had no idea they could sprint in games like Dead Space, Watch Dogs, and wait for it, Skyrim. Imagine now, you had no idea you could fast travel and sprint in Skyrim.

That must have been the longest RPG experience of your life, and if you are currently only fighting Alduin now,  after playing the game since 2011 then we understand fully.

Just always keep in mind that if you are playing an open world game in some way or another, make sure you check your options menu to see if you can sprint or not.

Skyrim Sprinting

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Video game mechanics that were surprisingly easy to miss

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