The greatest video game villains of the modern age

Olivia Pierce

If we look back at gaming over the past few decades, there is no doubt been a great selection of the most terrible villains who have done the most dastardly things. Sephiroth, GlaDOS, Joker, and more. Yes, we know this typical list of baddies, but what about the ones from the modern age?

Over the past four years, gaming has presented us with some rather fantastic evil people who are hell-bent on making our lives harder for us. I think it is about time we give them some credit don’t you? Here are some of the greatest video game villains of this generation, and why they are the perfect example of evil.

Oryx – Destiny

After you slay his son Crota in the Crota’s End raid, you think that the family was just going to sit idly by as you walk away without any repercussions for your actions. However, in the distant galaxy Oryx, father to Crota and the Taken King, plans his revenge.

A year after Crota’s fall, Oryx arrives to avenge on those who killed his son and his does so in the best way possible. The Taken King in Destiny was a pinnacle for the game as it showcased the story in a new light, better than ever too I might add. Oryx’s power to “take” other alien races and transform them into more powerful beings was his iconic trademark, and it oozed out of every mission and location you visited in the expansion.

After attempting to end him in a final showdown to have him return even more powerful later on in the raid, and basically destroy you a few hundred times, you have to respect his will to see his revenge through to the end.

Gherman – Bloodborne

Dubbed as the “First Hunter”, Gherman is a sly fox who helps the player through the nightmare in Bloodborne. He trains you and guides you through the game’s world as he offered advice and points you in the right direction.

While players might argue his intentions in the game (it is a From Software title so this is a given), his true intentions are revealed at the end of the game where his dark role in the nightmare proves that he is the guardian of the Great One. All this time he has been the instrument that has been guiding the creatures to kill you and he is, in theory, the nightmare itself.

It all comes to a spectacular closing as Gherman rises from his wheelchair and you and he have one final showdown among a flowered garden with one of the most chilling soundtracks in gaming in the background. This all combining to create a fantastic climax as you banish the cause of the nightmare and the real villain in Bloodborne.

Slave Knight Gael – Dark Souls III

For those who have played the Dark Souls III DLC, you would know that there is one very mysterious character that is present across both packs. Slave Knight Gael is a slow and quiet NPC who originally opens the Painted World of Ariandel for you to explore in the first DLC. It is not revealed at the time, but his true intentions in doing so were to enter the world himself in order to search for the Dark Soul.

It is not shown until the end of the final DLC, but Slave Knight Gael succumbs to his own insanity due to his quest for power and consuming pygmies. Gael travels to the Ringed City to search for The Dark Soul of Humanity, but in the end, falls to the player’s hand. It all ends in a stunning final showdown at the literal end of the world.

Slave Knight Gael is a true villain whose intentions were hidden under the unexpected turn of events. While you play the game the signs of his betrayal and true intentions were right in front of you but it was one of those times where you never saw what was happening until it was too late.

Rafe Adler – Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Rafe is a classic story of a rich spoilt child who has way too much money thanks to daddies hard work. It is also a perfect showcase of a friendship that is ruined thanks to power and money, and in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, it all comes to a climactic finale as Drake and Rafe have their moment on a burning sinking ship.

Rafe’s character development in Uncharted 4 is truly a phenomenal story to follow as he becomes more and more power hungry throughout the game. When the game goes back to the past and touches on the younger years of Nathan and Rafe, we can already get a sense of just how self-absorbed he is and we can sort of foresee just what we are in for as we progress through the game.

Rafe also has unlimited funds which let him hire mercenaries at his will and form an army of them to protect his goal. This again is a rather stereotypical characteristic for a villain, but it works.

Olivia Pierce – DOOM

We all grew up playing DOOM at some point in life and the latest reboot was a great showcase of taking something old and reinventing it to a modern game. That is to say that every aspect of the 2016 DOOM was a treat for fans of the series and this includes levels bosses and even weapons.

One thing that was lacking in the classic game was a decent villain and DOOM 2015 successfully made us hate someone so much that we loved her. Olivia Pierce plays as the main antagonist in DOOM as she sets off to create a new master world where Hell and humans collide. Think of her as the mad scientist that will stop at nothing to bring about a new order.

Throughout the game, her drive and blinded views on humanity are highlighted which gives us more will to carry on pursuing her. But it is not until the final showdown with her that we truly get to see the best side of her. When Olivia turns into the Spider Mastermind after being betrayed by the very beings she is fighting for, we then have to destroy her as the reimagining of one of the most iconic creatures in gaming. This build up and final showdown truly ended Olivia’s reign of terror in the best way.

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The greatest video game villains of the modern age

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