Great video games that we wish got sequels


We all have those games that once we finished them, we could not wait to get more. Yet we waited and waited and there was simply no sign at all of a sequel or any remaster in sight.

As the years go by, the memories of those epic games never fade and we just hope we get a chance to play them again. Chances are slim, but if I had to make a list of video games that need sequels, it would be these.

Spyro The Dragon

Not counting Skylanders as a fully-fledged Spyro game is right in my opinion. Instead of focusing on our favourite dragon it is more an adventure game that just so happens to have a Spyro cameo in it.

The last Spyro game we ever played was back in 2008 when Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon released on PS2. The game was a typical Sypro adventure and included power-ups, bosses, and of course our favourite characters.

Since that last adventure, we have not seen or heard from Spyro other than his cameos in the Skylanders series, and even then the character rosters are so big that you never truly experience the game with him.

It would be the best treatment if Activision would remake the three original PS One games like they did Crash Bandicoot. It would make everyone happy.


Okami is a flawless masterpiece created with a unique water painted art style and stars one of the best animals in gaming, Amaterasu, a white wolf imbued with the power of the Chinese Gods.

The game was an instant hit that merged an open world with a classic tale of good versus evil as Amertarasu ventured through the lands to cure them of this evil that gripped them.

We then had the portable sequel to the game that starred a smaller Chibiterasu and his best friend. The game was a bite-sized adventure but nothing on the scale of the original.

It has since been 7 years and one entire console cycle without an Okami game on the radar. We are all in dire need to take control of Amaterasu again, and that means not in the HD-HD remaster coming out in December.

Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis was one of the best horror games on the original PlayStation. Its intense action and way that is portrayed these dinosaurs in a scary way were one of the most frightening experiences of my childhood.

Three games later and the series lost its scare in turn for a more action-packed approach.

It was still like Silent Hill with guns, but it was still pretty cool.

The sad part about Dino Crisis is that we never got a sequel or even a crappy port to modern platforms.

Back when Sony was making everyone re-purchase their PS One games on the PS3 Dino Crisis was not part of this scheme (in SA anyway) and I kind of feel like it should have been even though we would have to pay a little more. I hope that Capcom revives the series soon.


Before the age of jetpacks in COD there was an FPS series known as TimeSplitters. This shooter broke boundaries and was known for its fantastic split-screen features.

The game was set in the 25th century where Sergeant Cortez a time-travelling marine from the future sets off the past to save the future if that makes sense.

The game featured a great single, and co-op campaign set across various eras in history from Western to Chinese Dynasty.

The game also had a fantastic online mode with PvP too that was one of the smoothest and polished in its day. TimeSplitters 4 was announced as a follow-up the to the series but was cancelled soon after, never to be seen again.

Eternal Darkness

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem was one of the best physiological horror action adventure games in the early 2000s.

It was a launch title for the GameCube and pushed the limits when it came to its deep player progression and mysterious horror undertones.

The game saw you take control of 12 playable characters throughout history that included a Roman Centurion, a priest during the Inquisition, and more.

The game followed a woman who sets off on a search to find who, or what killed her grandfather in his mansion.

With no clues and his head missing from the gruesome crime scene she realizes that there is much more to it than just a simple murder.

Eternal Darkness was a one-hit wonder that many people never got the opportunity to experience, and hopefully one-day, Silicone Knights remake this masterpiece.

Dante’s Inferno

Back in the early days of the PS3, Visceral Games worked on a possible challenger for the God of War series called Dante’s Inferno.

This hack and slash action adventure followed Dante as he explored the nine circles of hell in order to find a way to bring his beloved Beatrice back to him from the hands of Lucifer himself.

The game was based on the Divine Comedy that shares similarity to the path Dante follows through the game.

Each circle represented a sin and had a unique enemy type and look and feel to it. Gluttony, greed, lust and more were all present and each of them threw new challenges at the player.

Dante’s Inferno was a great game that was maybe before its time. It would be pretty great to see a sequel to it, perhaps based on the Purgatory poem which is the second part of the Divine Comedy.


Rockstar’s one-hit wonder Bully felt like a high school version of GTA and it was as gruesome and raw as we expected it to be.

The game pushed the boundaries as we explored the town of Bullworth as a student of Bullworth Academy.

It was one of those games that worked so well considering you were in school with no access to drugs, alcohol and prostitutes that makes the Rockstar games so “out there”.

Instead, the game touched on sexual experimenting, bullying other students, getting into trouble for ditching class, and of pulling off the best pranks you would ever see in school.

All the things you would perhaps go through as an outcast in high school, you would find in the game.

While it was re-released as a modern console port, Rockstar has never attempted to revisit the Bully series and we hope they do soon.

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Great video games that we wish got sequels

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