8 platformers that make Cuphead look like a cakewalk

Ghost n Goblins

All over the net, I have seen people complaining about Cuphead and its relentless difficulty. Sure it is hard, but that is what makes the game so great.

This constant rush to make sure you can dodge, dash, and shoot when you need to in order to kill the bosses that are thrown at you is a key gameplay element.

Cuphead also makes sure to keep testing you as the bosses change throughout the game, and each phase is welcomed with a new challenge.

Cuphead is hard, but it is extremely fun. Saying that, if you are one complaining about the game then you have never played some of these platforming games in your life, and if you did, Cuphead would be very familiar to you.

Ghosts ‘n Goblins

I never played the original Ghosts and Goblins back in the SNES era, but I did pick up the remastered version on the PSP. If that version was anything to go by, this game is the very definition of excruciatingly difficult.

Ghosts ‘n Goblins is a run-and-gun platformer that focused on a knight named Arthur who is on a quest to save a princess from the demon king Astaroth.

It sounds deceivingly like a standard adventure game, but its relentless enemies, one-hit kill system, and the lack of saving data and passwords will have you repeatedly throwing your controller around and cursing out loud.

To make it worse, if you finished the game without acquiring specific collectibles, you were sent back to the start to do it all over again.

Every Mega Man ever

Mega Man is known for its fantastic music, bosses, and its iconic level design. Every step you take and every jump you make has been carefully crafted to kill you, forcing you to think twice before making a move.

The series has not changed since and even the latest releases remain true to the game’s challenging platforming. You have to read every bosses movement and adapt, and every enemy have a specific way it tried to kill you.

Let us not forget that the game featured insta-death in many cases such as those perfectly positioned spikes and gaps in the floor. Mega Man cost me quite a few controllers back in the day.

Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy is an extremely fun game that can get extremely annoying very quickly. You play as a man made of meat as you run through various levels avoiding saws, spikes, and other deadly objects that kill you instantly. The game is all about timing and knowing you fast and how small meat boy is and what you can survive and what you cannot.

As you progress through the game you will encounter harder levels and tougher platforming moments that will truly put your fingers to the test. Most of the time you will spawn and run into a saw, but you will learn to jump over it. Just as you think you reached the end of the stage you will die and spend another hour reaching that same spot again. Super Meat Boy is the true test of skill.


To think that someone out there actually finished Battletoads in just under 40 minutes is truly an amazing feat. This incredibly tough NES game was relentless in throwing all sorts of challenges at the player. Be it racing on a hoverboard across a level, or falling from the sky and avoiding spikes as you make your way down a shaft.

Battletoads also had some extremely tough platforming levels and boss fights that relied on you learning your opponents and knowing the stage’s layout. I myself never finished the game, nor di I even get halfway through it.


N++ is a simple, yet challenging platforming game that sees you take the role of a ninja-like stick figure as you run across thousands of levels (2360 to be exact) avoiding deadly traps, and making it out alive. N++ is all about knowing the character and perfecting your movement to make sure you can avoid death.

N++ is simple, from its art style to music selection, the game does not try to be anything it is not, rather it sticks to its guns and tries to kill you over and over again.

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros is technically the origin of all challenging platformers and whoever says it is easy must be on something. The series has changed over the past few years but one thing has not its difficulty. I remember playing the latest side-scrolling platformer Super Mario Bros U and almost drinking bleach after dying a few thousand times.

It is thanks to the game’s brilliant level design and perfect control system that makes the game so rewarding. One thing is for sure, the Super Mario Bros series has become a trademark in the Mario franchise on being hard and people love it anyway.

Duck Tales

Duck Tales is yet another NES game that changed the way we look at platformers forever. Armed with a cane that acts as a strange bounce device, Scrooge McDuck visits various places all over the world to uncover treasures guarded by monsters. His quest took him to some fantastic places that included Transylvania, the frozen Alps, and even the Amazon Jungle.

What made Duck Tales so hard was the sheer brutality in its platforming. Using your jump and your boost jump you had to make sure you were able to move around, jump and grab vines, and of course, dodge all the deadly fire from the enemies which again were perfectly designed to make your life hell. At least the game had an awesome soundtrack to make the experience better while you died over and over again.

Rayman Legends

Ubisoft’s latest Rayman series is a jewel but it has its moments that will challenge your fingers and your temper. Mainly this is post-game when you have finished everything and are faced with daily challenges that put your nerves to the test as you try and compete with other players online to get the highest score, get to the end the fastest, or even survive the longest by making it as far as you can

Every day the level changes and you will have to master it again and beat everyone’s score. While this sounds fun, after you have spent three hours trying to get far and you get say 300 meters and the top player gets 23532453km, there is some serious rage that takes place.

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8 platformers that make Cuphead look like a cakewalk

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