Windows 7 dominates among PC gamers


Steam’s Hardware & Software Survey for November 2017 shows that PC gamers love Windows 7.

The report reveals that Windows 7 was by far the most popular operating system on the platform, with 69.89% market share.

The report also showed that its market share increased last month, up 6.67%, while Windows 10 lost 4.97%.

The table below from Steam details the most popular operating systems on Steam, with Windows taking an overall share of 98.33%.


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  • rooislangwtf

    Apparently a lot of this is thanks to PUBG, since it forced Chinese players to use Steam and China is predominantly still on Windows 7. For reference: In July, English was the most popular language choice, with Chinese at 21.63% and last month Simplified Chinese was the most popular Language at 56% vs English at 21%.

  • tjitah

    Not surprised at all. I have tried Win 10 two or three times and every time within a week or two switched back to Windows 7. There are just too many annoyances and incompatibilities, which are non-existent in Windows 7.

    Just one silly example, In Windows 10 put a DVD disk in your DVD drive. A small notification pops up somewhere down on the right hand side. If you don’t hit that thing within 2 seconds it disappears and you have to use an elaborate process to open or view the contents of the DVD disk. In Windows 7, a file manager window opens and stays open, no matter what you’re busy with. So you can return to that open window and carry on working with your DVD disk without interruption.

    I’ve tried all the various autoplay settings in Windows 10 to change the behavior of that brief pop-up window in Windows 10, without success. As Jim Carrey would say: Take care now, Bye Bye then!

  • Windows 10 is not for everyone. People who don’t want to learn how more advanced it is compared to previous versions will just keep going back to the safety of what they do know. Truth is that Windows 10 is the best when it comes to gaming, productivity, browsing, etc plus it’s much faster than Windows 7.

Windows 7 dominates among PC gamers

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