10 epic secret bosses in video games

Secret Bosses

If you have been a gamer as long as I have you would know that the end of the game is often not the end of the game at all. Rather, the end means it is time to tackle the secret boss that is normally stronger and more epic than the final boss for that game anyway.

Secret bosses often present a challenge like no other and not only do they require great skill but most of the time they rely on you being a much higher level than the end-game content.

If anything, there are often achievements that force you to grind even more to level up and get better gear before even attempting them. Here are some of the most epic secret bosses in gaming and why.

Warning! Spoilers below.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins – Trial of the Gods

While there are no doubt better secret bosses on this list, I had to mention Assassin’s Creed: Origins as Ubisoft really went out of their way to bring some sort of end-game content to the title even though it was in the form of three Egyptian bosses that you probably killed in the first or second try.

It was the first time in the series that Ubisoft introduced something unrealistic in terms of enemies into the game and it worked pretty well. These three bosses were massive Gods that you could face at any time in the game, however, they were level 40 so you should have been at least close to that too.

Once killed, they dropped legendary set gear only obtainable from them.

Final Fantasy VX: Adamantoise

Final Fantasy XV was filled with awesome bosses but nothing came close to killing a living mountain. The Adamantoise was an end-game boss that required the best gear and your highest possible level.

The boss took 72 hours to kill. 72 game hours that is which was at least an hour. I remember fighting it and it took me 45 minutes which is not bad at all.

It was not hard at all, rather it was more a grind than anything else as you dealt very little damage to it making the fight long and tedious. Still, it was a mountain and it looked pretty epic.

Bloodborne: Moon Presence

Bloodborne had an awesome boss that could only be fought if you gathered and consumed three of the four One Third of Umbilical Cord items in the game.

While this sounds simple it was actually not unless you followed a guide. Some of them were obtained by finding them while others were given to you by characters that you had to do specific things for before a certain time else they would vanish locking you out of the item. The boss fight was epic and took place at the end of the game after the what we thought was the last fight with Gherman.

It would only trigger if you consumed the item though.

Borderlands: Crawmerax

After the abysmal ending to the original story of Borderlands, a real boss fight was needed and Gearbox delivered at least. Crawmerax was a secret boss in the Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC that required players to be a much higher level, granted they should have been thanks to the level cap increase.

The quest titled “You. Will. Die” meant just that. Crawmerax was a massive crab that had a few million health and killed you pretty fast. He also spawned enemies to fight alongside him too, making him even more annoying.

If you managed to beat him then at least you were rewarded as the legendary drop rates were high and the chests in his lair contained awesome guns and equipment. In Borderlands 2 you fought Son of Crawmerax but the offspring was not as awesome as the father.

Diablo II: Cow King

The Cow King was the infamous secret boss of the Secret Cow Level in Diablo II.

While he looks the same as every other cow in the game’s hidden stage he always spawned inside the fenced enclosure so players who did not want to kill him could easily avoid him.

He was the only enemy in the entire game that dropped the item “The Cow King’s Leathers” and once killed the portal to the Secret Cow Level would not open again on the same playthrough’s difficulty.

This made the item extremely rare. There were 3 items in his set so you only had three chances to get it with each character.

Bayonetta: Father Rodin

Now I had no idea this boss even existed in Bayonetta and even now that I do I have no intention of going to kill him due to his ridiculous grind to unlock him.

Rodin is an NPC in Bayonetta that is friendly for the most part. He sold weapons to her but in the end, you can fight him. The only way to unlock the fight was to get a Platinum Ticket by collecting a total of 10,000,000 halos on a single save.

You can then buy the ticket which then triggers Rodin turning back to his angelic form thanks to you giving him all the halos. The fight looks pretty intense and although I have never fought him I might do so when the game launches again on Nintendo Switch.

Final Fantasy VII: Emerald Weapon

Dubbed as a “superboss” the Emerald Weapon is the toughest boss in Final Fantasy VII and there are a few to fight. Diamond Weapon, Ruby and even Ultimate Weapon don’t even come close to the Emerald Weapon at all.

The boss is awakened when the planet is under grave threat from the meteor that is summoned by Sephiroth. It has 1,000,000 health, is level 99 and if you don’t have any Underwater Materia equipped you only have 20 minutes to fight before you die automatically.

It is not pretty at all but it is one of the most iconic in gaming due to all these factors.

Mortal Kombat: Reptile

While reptile is mostly a staple character in the fighting series he was not always as accessible as you think. In the original Mortal Kombat, he was a hidden character that you could fight.

To trigger the fight with him players had to win a match with every fighter and then win a Double Flawless Victory with a Fatality on The Pit stage. Reptile would then appear.

It was not easy to get him to appear in the first place and when he did he was hard to fight too, making him a double grind for players.

Kingdom Hearts: Phantom

Kingdom Heart has had its fair share of secret bosses over the series but the best one, and the hardest one too, not including the ridiculous Terra battle, has to be the Phantom in the first game.

Players would head back to Neverland and he will appear in the Clock Tower area. You would now have to fight him while gliding around in the air. If gliding was not hard enough already, this made it even harder. It was a challenging fight that most players beat but with a lot of practice.

Destiny: Driviks, The Chosen

When Destiny: The Taken King release Bungie was able to sneak in a secret boss that was only accessible when the “Lost to Light” mission was on the Daily Herioc rotation.

Instead of players running to the end they would follow a different path and enter a room where Driviks would be waiting for them. An intense and timed gun fight would begin where players would have to take down the boss while dealing with powerful enemies too.

If you were able to beat him you were rewarded with the Black Spindle sniper rifle, if the time ran out you got nothing at all.

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10 epic secret bosses in video games

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