Rugby 18 – Big update coming next week

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Two months after it’s initial release, Big Ben Interactive and Eko Software have announced the release date of the first major update for Rugby 18, which aims to fix a lot of bugs and issues raised by the community upon release.

Discussing the incoming Patch 1.1 on Facebook, the developer revealed that the update will be available on PS4 and PC on Monday, 18th December, and Xbox One on Tuesday, 19th December, and further explained that it “brings important gameplay improvements, a more dynamic open play, better player positioning, as well as new international teams and tournaments.”

Eko Software listed the patch notes, which include the following:


  • 3 unofficial national teams added: Argentina, Ireland, Japan
  • 3 international tournaments added in League mode: Northern Tournament, Southern Tournament, World Tournament
  • Side camera added


Open Play Improvements:
  • Reworked Sprinting system: players now sprint, accelerate and decelerate at different speeds depending on their individual stats and position
  • Reworked Stamina system: players can now run for much longer before exhaustion
  • Improved overall AI positioning
  • Tackles now succeed more often in Amateur difficulty
  • Fending off opponents is now easier
  • Improved the way players pick up the ball, making it more fluid while running
  • Kicking the ball is now quicker after catching or picking up the ball
  • Drop goals can now be done faster
  • Numbers 10 and 15 now take better positions to prepare drop goals
  • Opponent team now performs 22-metre drop-outs when in their goal area
  • Calling Mark is now bound to the Y button
  • Fouls are now correctly interpreted
Set Plays Improvements:
  • Improved players positioning during set plays
  • More time is now allowed to make a decision at the end of set plays
  • Players now enter rucks more quickly
  • The attacking team now has a bigger advantage during rucks

Game modes and menus:

  • Career mode is now more fairly balanced
  • Chance of success is now displayed before simulating a match in Career and League modes
  • Improved team management menu

Other fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with opponent players after leaving a tutorial match
  • Fixed bugs causing wrong commentary to be triggered in some situations
  • Fixed bugs causing players to stay stuck during scrums and mauls
  • Fixed a bug causing players to stay stuck on the goal line
  • Fixed team management bugs
  • [Xbox One only] Xbox One X support (1080p – 60FPS)

Rugby 18 is available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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Rugby 18 – Big update coming next week

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