5 games we will not be playing in 2018

It is the end of  2017 and it has been a rollercoaster ride of epic games with some lows and highs throughout the year. There were some epic moments followed by some disappointing ones but that is all behind us now as we look into the future at 2018 and what the year might hold for us. While we know that games like Far Cry 5, Monster Hunter: World and others will grace our gaming platforms next year there are some that won’t. These games are still heavy in development and I doubt we will play them anytime soon and a 2018 release seems unlikely.


EA’ and Bioware’s next step in the MMO genre is Anthem, an upcoming multiplayer game that is set to challenge Destiny in every way. Players take the role of freelancers, a group of people who leave their civilization to explore the surrounding landscapes. These Freelancers fly around in exosuits called Javelin that have unique abilities and unique weapons. Up to now we only know of two types of Javelins but I am sure there will be more when we learn more about the game. Anthem has been built around the idea of a shared world where players can meet up, take on missions and explore the gorgeous world together. The game is said to be the start of a new 10-year journey for the team at Bioware.

Why will Anthem not make its 2018 release? Well, apart from the growing issues surrounding Bioware and the departure of the game’s supervisor back in July this year and Mike Laidlaw, Creative Director, leaving too, the game is still in very early development. It also has a very “next-gen” look and feel to it that hints at it releasing in 2019 along with new hardware such as the PS5 and whatever Microsoft decides to call its new Xbox. The demo we saw at E3 2017 was clearly running on some very high-end PC tech something that consoles are still not at. Even the Xbox One X might struggle to bring the game’s vision to life. With all the being said, I will not be surprised if the game is held back until 2019 and releases as a massive new generation experience as the development time, and the current engine’s design sure looks like that is going to be the case.

The Last of Us Part II

Development of The Last of Us Part II only began back in 2014 as Naughty Dog began planning the game’s story, characters, and of course direction. It was announced in 2016 at the PlayStation Experience event and earlier this month at the same event we learnt that Naughty Dog is currently sixty-percent done with the game. While that might seem far, the game is just over half done and if you take into account that they began development in 2014, it is not saying much.

There is some good news though as Naughty Dog focused all its resources on the game after Uncharted: The Lost Legacy released earlier this year. This means that right now The Last of Us Part II is the studio’s primary focus. However, this still does not mean we will play the game in 2018 as the early development and current state of the game is a clear sign that PS4 owners will have to be patient and wait until 2019 to experience it. We know it will be epic regardless of how long it takes.


Remember back in 2014 when Sony announced yet another Ps4 exclusive dubbed “WiLD”? Well, it has been three years and we have not seen or heard anything about the game since its announcement. Three E3 events have gone by and nothing at all. The game is set during the Neolithic period (10,000 – 2,400 BC) in a world that is randomly generated to give a sense of its infinite scale. You take on the role of a human that has the power to control animals using the power of possession.

Development of the game apparently only began in 2014 which means that it had only been a year after it was announced. A game as ambitious as WiLD would need some good time to develop and since we have not seen anything since is a sure sign that the devs are still working hard on the game. Chances of us seeing it on our TVs in 2018 are very slim as it could need more time before it is ready.

Dead Island 2

Oh, Dead Island, where are you? Honestly, I am sure I am not the only person that has given up hope on this game and as the years go by we are all a bit worried that we will never see it release. The game is a direct sequel to the 2011 smash hit Dead Island and was announced back in 2014. Pre-orders opened and the game was set for a December 2014 release. Strange I know but the game never made its launch at all, rather it was simply brushed to the side. In 2015, Deep Silver announced that Yager had been removed from the development of the game and another new developer took over. It was revealed a year later that Sumo Digital picked up the progress of the title and since then we have not heard anything.

There is no doubt that Dead Island 2 will skip another year in 2018 as the development limbo has been rough in the past. Three different developers taking over in three years cannot be easy for the progress of the game and if it makes a 2018 release I will be very surprised.

Death Stranding

Death Stranding is Kojima Production’s first game and it has some big shoes to fill after the success of Metal Gear Solid. The studio was formed in late 2015 with Kojima himself at the helm. Death Stranding is kind of a slap on Konami’s face after the studio cancelled Silent Hills that starred Norman Reedus and fired Hideo Kojima. This is mainly because Kojima saw an opportunity to create something that Konami could not complete and brought Norman on board as the main protagonist.

Death Stranding has only been in development for over a year now and since its announcement in 2016 at E3, we have seen very little of the game. What we have seen makes no sense but it is a Kojima game so this is expected. I highly doubt that 2018 will bring Death Stranding with it as a game as ambitious and high-budget as this would take a good few years to get ready. Guess we are playing Kojima’s crazy game in 2019 but if Metal Gear Solid V is anything to go off, we might see a prequel game release for Death Stranding in 2018.

Do you think these games will make a 2018 release? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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5 games we will not be playing in 2018

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