Skyblivion – The Oblivion Remaster Bethesda never made

The Elder Scrolls is one of the most well-known and beloved fantasy series in gaming.

Bethesda has inspired whole generations of fans from its first game in 1994 (Elder Scrolls: Arena) to its latest title of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

However, since Skyrim’s initial release in 2011 and the subsequent 300 rereleases thereafter, there has been little new content for single-player Elder Scrolls fans.

Elder Scrolls Online offers new content but since it’s an online game, it requires a degree of socialisation, which is obviously out of the question.

So, if you’re looking for a semi-fresh experience, you should look at the Skyblivion mod being developed by the TESRenewal modding group.

What it is

The massive mod aims to bring the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to a whole new generation of players – since for many, Skyrim was their first Elder Scrolls game, and the return to outdated graphics and gameplay can be off-putting.

Skyblivion will address this by completely overhauling the game and providing players with a revitalised version using Skyrim’s game engine.

Sadly, the mod is still in production as it is one of, if not the biggest modding undertakings in the history of the Elder Scrolls, but you’ll be pleased to know the project is progressing rapidly.

The modding team recently released their fourth Development Diary video, which details all the hard work and progress they’ve made so far.

And there’s a lot.

What it offers

The video features in-game footage and starts with a detailed explanation of goblins. Though as interesting as it is to learn of the habits of said cave-dwellers, the rendering of the Goblins was by far the most impressive part.

Skyrim didn’t have goblins, so the models of the monsters in this video were custom made by the modding team. The addition of goblins isn’t the only place where the team has gone the extra mile to ensure the Skyblivion experience is unique and immersive.

What should be noted is that the team has been making custom models for the overhaul.

These new models are spectacular to look at and boast detail that is far more impressive than anything found in the base games of Oblivion and Skyrim – as can be seen below.

The armour and weapons aren’t the only impressive models being custom-made by the modding team.

The cities, foliage, furniture and everything in-between have also been updated and improved.

When the mod eventually does release, exploring the cities of Cyrodiil will be a fresh experience thanks to these visual improvements – even for veteran players.

Release date and progress

The modding team has made it clear, though, that given the size of this project, it could still be some time before we see a playable version as there is no release date scheduled.

Additionally, the team has also indicated it could also use more help, especially from 3D artists, so you can volunteer here if you have the time, skills, and interest.

So if you enjoyed Oblivion or haven’t played it because of its age, this is a project to watch – especially since it’ll likely come out before Elder Scrolls VI.

If you’re interested to learn more about the mod, you can join the projects community Discord server here.

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Skyblivion – The Oblivion Remaster Bethesda never made

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