Dragon’s Dogma event announced

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During the Capcom Showcase, we were told that there will be a Dragon’s Dogma digital event on 16 June.

The event will stream on YouTube at midnight tomorrow, and it will celebrate 10 years of the Dragon’s Dogma game.

Many fans have speculated that the event will be used to announce a sequel to the classic game.

Others have said that if a new game is not launched at the event, it is likely that there will not be a sequel at all.

However, the excitement and expectations for the announcement of a sequel are not unfounded, as several leaks indicate the game is indeed in development.

The most prominent was the Nvidia GeForce Now app hack, which had a list of unannounced games that included Dragon’s Dogma 2 and several other titles that have since been officially revealed.

If Capcom isn’t going to announce Dragon’s Dogma 2 at this event, it is certainly a strange move from the gaming company to draw attention to a ten-year-old game.

Dragon’s Dogma has become a cult classic since its release in 2012 and has had an online spin-off sequel, a re-release on PC, and a Netflix anime adaption.

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Dragon’s Dogma event announced

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