Overwatch 2 will be free to play

Overwatch 2 is set to launch on 4 October, and Xbox has announced that the title will be free to play on Xbox.

4 October will mark the beginning of the first season of the game’s live service model and will offer three new heroes, six new maps, and a new game called Push.

The three new heroes are Sojourn, Junker Queen, and an unannounced Support Hero, while the six new maps will offer locations from Toronto, New York, Rome, Monte Carlo, Portugal, and Rio.

On December 9th, the second season will begin with more new content that will include a new Tank Hero, a new map and over 30 new skins.

From 2023 onwards, players can expect more heroes, maps, modes, skins, and the long-awaited PvE content.

“Overwatch 2 will be a live game that rolls out new maps, features, and modes in a seasonal cadence every 9 weeks. Then in 2023, we’ll expand on the world of Overwatch and our heroes via new narrative experiences and PvE gameplay.” the announcement said.

The game’s Battle Pass model will also offer access to themed cosmetic items and allow players to compete for in-game rewards. Rather than rely on luck with loot boxes, players can choose what they work towards.

Overwatch 2 will also feature cross-progression and a reimagined competitive scene.

The scoreboard for competitive games has been reworked to provide more information, and skill ratings will wait until seven wins to update with ranked skill tiers rather than numerical ratings.

Finally, if you’re eager to try the sequel, you can sign up for the Overwatch 2 Beta, which will begin on 28 June.

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Overwatch 2 will be free to play

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