Halo Infinite Co-op won’t have matchmaking

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The Halo Infinite campaign co-op beta has launched, and apart from a few technical issues, it has delivered what you’d expect for a Halo co-op beta.

The beta allows you to play the campaign for the latest Halo game with other players but oddly lacks online multiplayer.

This odd lack of a feature isn’t restricted to the beta either, as it has been confirmed the absence of co-op matchmaking will persist into the full release.

As reported by GamesRadar, when it queried Xbox, the reason for the design choice is that players will need to use other methods to play with other people as online matchmaking will not be available with final co-op.

“We encourage you to continue to use the Halo LFG and the new Discord voice call feature on Xbox to find players to party up with as you continue playing the beta,” the Xbox representative concluded in its response to the query.

While Xbox consoles did get Discord integration, it is still an unexpected design choice.

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Halo Infinite Co-op won’t have matchmaking

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